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All Hail The Giant Sandwich, Halo Infinite's Weirdest Easter Egg

Legends say that deep in the caves of Zeta Halo you can find something large and delicious. A sandwich created by the Forerunners, designed to satisfy even the largest, most wild hunger. They called it... Giant Sandwich. And now, only a few days after Halo Infinite’s release, players have found...

The Best Moment In Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker Launch So Far

Saving the world over and over again is nice, but when are we going to eat? In one of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s more intimate scenes, our hero of light and her friends share a scholarly fast food feast, and catboy G’raha Tia is delighted to learn that yes, he can has cheeseburger.Read more

Fire At Super Nintendo World, But Thankfully No One Was Injured

On Tuesday, a maintenance worker discovered at fire in the indoor area of the Yoshi’s Adventure attraction at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan. Fire trucks and emergency vehicles were called, but thankfully no one was injured as the park was already closed for the day. Read more

This Sci-Fi Game Might Have The Best Movement Of The Year

Controlling Exo One’s strange spherical spacecraft, as it rolls over hills, soars through the skies, or skips across ocean waves, is an extraordinary feeling. It’s a rollercoaster ride. It’s making a perfect ski jump in a round of Tribes. It’s skimming the clouds in Tiny Wings. It’s all the good...

Animal Crossing: How To Grow Wheat And Other Crops For Food Recipes

Being able to cook and grow new crops are some of the biggest changes in the new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can make all kinds of dishes and even regular DIY recipes. There’s just one problem. Most of these new delicious-looking recipes require items we’ve never seen before,...

11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5, the latest massive open-world racer from Playground Games, is officially out now on Xbox and PC. At first glance, playing this racing game might seem fundamentally the same as playing any other racing game: press the right trigger to go fast, left trigger to slow down, tilt...

Animal Crossing's New Update Is Full of Picture-Perfect Food Recipes

A year ago, Animal Crossing: New Horizons offered us the tantalizing opportunity to emulate something we couldn’t do in real life: go outside. Now, the new 2.0 update similarly allows some of us a vicarious experience we can’t attain IRL. Namely, you can now craft Instagram-worthy meals, even...

Japanese Indie Game Gets Themed Rooms At Kyoto Hotel

In the past, Kotaku has introduced themed rooms at Japanese hotels. Typically, these rooms are for established franchises like Kingdom Hearts. But now, one Kyoto hotel is offering a room plastered in Japanese indie game Unreal Life. Read more

And Now Some Ramen Collab Sneakers

Tenkaippin, or Ten’ichi as fans call it, is a ramen restaurant chain in Japan. Ten’ichi has over 230 locations across the country, as well as one in Hawaii. And now, it also has collab sneakers. Read more

Burger King Japan Is Selling Beef Patties, No Buns

Who needs buns? I kind of do! But maybe you don’t. And if you live in Japan, you can get your butt to Burger King and order yourself a beef patty on what looks like a piece of paper. Mmmmmm paper.Read more

Wow, Gamers Really Want This Xbox Mini Fridge

Maybe it’s because I primarily play console games on PlayStation. Maybe it’s because I can’t fit anything into my New York shoebox apartment. Maybe it’s because I’m cynical about marketing that centers around the gamer identity. But wow. I was not expecting folks to be so hyped about the Xbox...

Rampaging Link Fights A Lynel, Guardian, And Hynox At Once In BotW

Have you ever wanted to see a young, blonde twink have a no-good, very bad day? Then boy do I have the game and video for you, as someone has managed to get Link to fight a Hynox, Lynel, and multiple Guardians, at the same time in Breath of the Wild. This, to me, sounds like a terribly stressful...

Real-Life Squid Game Taking Place In South Korea, Minus The Killing

In Gangwon Province, South Korea, a hotel announced that it will be holding a real-life version of Squid Game later this month. According to The Korea Times, St. John’s Hotel in Gangneung will be hosting the event. The hotel’s official site is publicizing the real-life take on the popular Netflix...

New Harley Quinn Clobbers Comic Industry Ableism

Harley Quinn: The Animated Series is hands down my favorite piece of DC Comics media. The show’s sharp, raunchy writing, alongside its thoughtful characterizations of Harley and the rest of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, have injected new life into these once-familiar characters for me. It also doesn’t...

Hideo Kojima On Japan's Most Magical And Wonderful Trains

The country of Japan is crisscrossed with trains. Many of them are memorable and great. But for me, one train stands apart as truly special—the Hankyu train. I’m not alone.In his forthcoming book The Creative Gene, Kojima has a chapter titled, “For Me, The Hankyu Railway Is A Time Machine...

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