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Madden 22 Thinks My Name Is Profanity

For the first time in years, I’ve been trying to play some serious Madden in 2021, and while I’m surprisingly enjoying myself quite a bit—taking a few seasons off annual sports games like this is good for that—I am very disappointed in one particularly weird hangup the game has with my name.Read...

Chess Star Sues Netflix Because Queen’s Gambit Erased Her Accolades

Female Soviet chess legend Nona Gaprindashvili is suing Netflix for $5 million after a scene in the hit show Queen’s Gambit falsely claimed she had never played against men. In fact, she claims to have played and beaten dozens of men. In the suit, Gaprindashvili called the incorrect dialogue...

The Art Of The Lord Of The Rings Movies

Twenty years on from the release of the first film in the trilogy, New Zealand’s Weta Workshop have dropped a bunch of concept art from the whole Lord of the Rings series.Read more

NFT Game Steals Artwork, Gets Called Out, Deletes Account

NFTS (Non-Fungible Tokens) are an environmental disaster and an enormous scam, and perhaps the funniest thing about their persistence is how little effort purveyors of this modern snake oil are putting into it.Read more

Abandoned Star Trek Games Finally Playable Again

Yesterday, September 8, was Star Trek Day, because the original series debuted on this day all the way back in the groovy year of 1966. As you might expect, a bunch of Star Trek news happened, including some new seasons of ongoing shows. But more importantly, some classic Star Trek games, like...

Singer and Actor Gackt On Indefinite Hiatus For Vocal Disorder

Gackt’s agency announced that the singer is taking an indefinite break to focus on his recovery after falling seriously ill. Kyodo News reports that Gackt became seriously ill after returning to Japan from overseas on August 6, feeling sick and fainting.Read more

Suda51 Encourages Fans To Cop Bootleg No More Heroes Shirts

During a recent interview, Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Suda “Suda51” Goichi was asked whether he plans to produce apparel for No More Heroes 3, the superbly absurd hack-and-slash his studio released two weeks ago. His answer? No, but feel free to grab bootleg tees wherever you can find them.Read...

You Shouldn't Pay For Bloodhunt (Because It's Free)

The shady world of key resellers is a murky, grimdark place to visit, but also incredibly stupid. Just a couple of weeks ago Frostpunk 2 developers 11 Bit Studios were astonished to see Kinguin selling keys for their just-announced game, long before they’d decided on a price themselves. Now,...

The DK Rap Was Unfairly Mean To Lanky Kong

Donkey Kong 64 is a classic and beloved platformer that features a weird rap song and way too many collectibles. While these days, all those pesky collectibles aren’t fondly remembered, the odd rap song found at the start of DK64 is a fan favorite. Sure it’s terrible, but in a loveable sort of way....

Dude Crashes Live TV Show, Demands Grand Theft Auto 6

A live episode of German TV show Beat the Star was interrupted the other day when a young man burst onto the stage and demanded information about Grand Theft Auto 6 from a host who has nothing to do with Grand Theft Auto.Read more

PUBG's Creator Leaves Company To Form New Studio

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, the man whose modding and design efforts helped create the Battle Royale genre as we know it, has left PUBG’s parent company Krafton to form his own development studio.Read more

WHATEVER Is A Video Game About The Big Boat That Got Stuck

Remember when that big boat got stuck? People really wanted to play games about the boat, and while a few quick lil’ ones were thrown together, it was obviously going to take some time for more substantial adaptations to hit the market.Read more

Safety On

Buffy Wang is an artist from China.Read more

Xbox Doesn't Want You To Name Your Baby 'Game Pass'

Game Pass is a fantastic service, offering you a ton of games across console and PC for a shockingly small amount of money. But no matter how much you love Game Pass, listen to Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg who asks you don’t name your next child “Game Pass.” Please. Read more

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