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RIP To Me, The Person Writing This, A Real One

Are you allowed to call yourself a real one? No, I would argue, you are not. That pretty much immediately disqualifies you from being a real one, so I’m already off to a rough start here. But today’s my last day at Kotaku, so I consider it my solemn duty to close out my award-wanting “RIP To A Real...

Let's Check In On Star Citizen, Shall We

Star Citizen is currently free-to-play as the game enjoys its annual Invictus Launch Week celebration. I figured now would be as good a time as ever to take a peek at the ambitious space sim and see how things are going.Read more

I Guess A Warhammer Streaming Service Was Inevitable

Games Workshop is launching a new streaming service called Warhammer Plus (also stylized as Warhammer+). The service was revealed by Games Workshop staffers Adam Troke and Eddie Eccles on May 22 during a Twitch stream on the company’s official channel.Read more

Dune: Imperium: The Kotaku Review

Because the movie business is in a state of absolute chaos right now, the Dune reboot, which was supposed to be the big holiday movie of 2020, is now going to be the big holiday movie of 2021 instead. Just don’t tell this accompanying board game, which went ahead and released in December 2020...

Slay The Spire Is Being Turned Into A Board Game

The incredibly deep roguelike deck-building RPG Slay the Spire will get the tabletop treatment, board game makers Contention Games recently announced, letting people explore the game’s inventive card battles together in real life.Read more

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