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The BioShock Problem: When Gameplay And Narrative Clash

It may not seem like it, but gaming is still in its infancy. Yes, we’re beaming games from $10,000 rigs through the cloud to our phones, and swinging around swords in room-scale wireless virtual reality. That’s some Ready Player One shit, for sure. But while the technology is progressing rapidly...

Almost 500 ‘New’ Xbox, Dreamcast Prototypes Just Got Released

Project Deluge, a video game archival project from The Hidden Palace, may be the single biggest game preservation effort yet undertaken. Since March, this dedicated group of video game archivists has been releasing many hundreds of unreleased prototypes for classic systems, and now, it’s...

What We’ve Heard About A Quantic Dream Star Wars Game

Reports started to circulate last week that Detroit: Become Human developer, Quantic Dream, was working on an unlikely new project: a Star Wars game. While Kotaku can’t currently confirm if this is 100% accurate, we have heard something similar from an independent source with knowledge of...

How To Get Rich AF In Tales Of Arise

Tales of Arise is a big RPG that likes to make every number go up—except for the amount in your bank account. In keeping with series tradition, Tales of Arise’s economy is based on gald, which is kind of, like, a play on “gold” but instead of an “o” they’ve...oh, you get it? Okay, cool. If...

Apex Legends Servers To Stay Borked For A Bit

Apex Legends players have been having a miserable time of late. When the game’s not being hacked by disgruntled Titanfall players, players sometimes devolve into having enormous fights over controversial in-game strategies, such as tap strafing. The latest grief to befall them is a whole new raft...

Splitgate Devs Say Popular Shooter Is Only '25% Complete'

Splitgate was first released in 2019 and while it did well at first, it quickly dropped off the radar for most folks. But earlier this year the game made its leap to consoles and almost overnight became a massive success. Now the devs, with more money and investors, are excited about the future...

Destiny 2 Players Are Mad Bungie's Gonna Enforce Fair Multiplayer Matchmaking

This Friday, Bungie will roll out matchmaking assistance for Destiny 2’s hardcore mode, Trials of Osiris. The intent, basically, is to make the multiplayer gauntlet a bit more fair for Guardians who continuously get thrashed. You’ll never believe this, I know, but some players are pissed about...

Konami Rolls Out Loot Box Pre-Orders

Over the summer, Konami announced its killing of the Pro Evolution Soccer brand (known as Winning Eleven in Japan) by morphing the popular franchise into the free-to-play eFootball.Read more

Deathloop Players All Agree: The Dedicated Kick Button Rules

There I was, creeping along a cliff on the outside of a big castle-like structure when I saw a single enemy, completely alone. He was standing on the edge of the cliff with his back to me. This setup ranked high on my “kickable moment meter,” a situation which routinely leads to disappointment....

Destiny Composer Ordered To Pay Bungie Nearly $100,000

Composer Marty O’Donnell, Bungie’s former audio director, has been found in contempt of court for his continuous use of Destiny assets, including uploading song clips online long after he left the company. According to Eurogamer, such use violated the terms of a previous lawsuit.Read more

The Best GameCube Games

Ah, the GameCube. It might be my favourite console of all time. The tiny discs, its cute little handle, the Wavebird...yeah, we had some good times together. But the best times we had were with these games in particular.Read more

Tales Of Arise: The Kotaku Review

Dozens of hours into Tales of Arise, a new role-playing game from Bandai Namco, one of your party members asks, “Is it over?”Read more

The New PS5 Update Quietly Fixes Console's Most Annoying Problem

Today’s big PlayStation 5 software update brings a bevy of much-needed features to the console, adding, among other things, the ability to play PS5 games that are stored on external solid-state drives (SSD). But it also quietly fixed the PS5’s most annoying quirk: You can finally turn off that...

Deathloop’s Save System Is Pissing Some Players Off

Kinda feels like déjà vu, doesn’t it? In the spring, Returnal, a PlayStation 5 time loop game about killing your way to salvation, vexed players with its lack of manual saves. This week, Deathloop, a PS5 and PC time loop game about killing your way to salvation, is doing the same.Read more

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