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Getting our hopes up: The A.V. Club’s 14 most anticipated releases of 2021

After the year we’ve all had, it feels like courting disaster to pin any hopes on a wide release that wasn’t manufactured by Pfizer or Moderna. Looking back at what The A.V. Club published when we were still looking forward to 2020, we could’ve just republished some of it wholesale. But credit...

The Biggest Video Game Disappointments Of 2020

God, this year sucked. Video games were supposed to be a reprieve from that, and in many ways they were. But in other ways they were just as messy, ill-fated, and broken as the year itself.Read more

An Infinitely Scrollable Vertical Menu

A quick look at how an infinitely scrollable menu works based on a looping scroll illusion of cloned items. An Infinitely Scrollable Vertical Menu was written by Mary Lou and published on Codrops

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