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In 2007, Video Game Memes Took A Dark Turn

Memes. These days, they’re everywhere. They are the pillars upon which internet culture—and by extension, pop culture—stands. But once upon a time, memes dwelled in the internet’s dankest sewers, traded in the darkness by geeks, nerds, and outcasts. On this week’s Splitscreen podcast, we examine...

The ‘All Your Base Are Belong To Us’ Video Is Now 20 Years Old

The early aughts were a weird time. George H. W. Bush’s loser son somehow became president, god-awful bands like Crazy Town and Staind had songs on the Billboard Hot 100, and we made do with, like, one meme a year. In 2001 that meme was “All Your Base,” a Newgrounds video that ironically celebrated...

Lance Reddick Is Now Voice Acting Destiny Memes

Lance Reddick is a famous actor, with major roles in The Wire and John Wick, among other things. He’s also the voice of Destiny’s Commander Zavala, and apparently not above granting fan requests to voice act the memes they send him.Read more

WallStreetBets Mods Are Now Battling For Control Over The Subreddit

A couple weeks ago, most people hadn’t ever heard of WallStreetBets, the edgelord Reddit hangout for renegade investors and amatuer traders. Now it’s blown up to over 8.5 million users, and a war has broken out between the old mods and the new for control over the community and its future.Read more

GameStop Stock Is Starting To Go Bust

After soaring for more than a week, GameStop’s stock has plummeted back down to earth, sinking below $100 a share several times today, a drop-off of more than $200 from last week. Read more

How to Remove Bernie's Background and Paste Him Anywhere

If you want to contribute to the latest Bernie photo craze before the meme plays itself out—which will probably be sometime around the end of the week, so act fast!—it’s not that hard to cut out Bernie-Sanders-on-a-chair and splice him into whatever image you want. However, to save you a bit...

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