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New Xbox Controller Lets You See The Triggers Vibrating

We’ve covered the special Starfield-branded Xbox controllers before. They were one of the worst-kept secrets of 2023, alongside the Starfield-branded Xbox headset that is already joining them on store shelves. What I did not know until today was how damn cool the controller’s triggers are.Read more

Microsoft Explains Why You’re Waiting So Long For Those Xbox Exclusives

Microsoft revealed some exciting new first-party games like InExile’s Clockwork Revolution and Compulsion Games South of Midnight at its June 11 Xbox Showcase. But others like Fable and Avowed were first teased years ago and still don’t have clear release dates. What’s taking so long?Read more

Todd Howard: Starfield Locked At 30FPS On Console For 'Consistency'

Since Starfield was revealed, fans have been wondering what framerate the sci-fi RPG would run at on console. In a new interview with IGN, creative director Todd Howard confirmed the Xbox Series X/S version would remain locked at 30fps to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the game....

Xbox's Last Big Exclusive Was Missing From Showcase After Getting Panned

Microsoft’s 2023 Xbox Showcase was filled with a ton of cool games and a deep-dive into Starfield, the platform’s biggest blockbuster in a long time. What it didn’t include was any mention of Redfall, the multiplayer vampire shooter that came to Game Pass a month ago and promptly bombed. Read more

Microsoft Announces New Xbox For Those Giant Games Taking Up Your Storage

It’s not an all-out hardware refresh, but the Xbox Series X/S family is growing. Microsoft announced a new Carbon Black Xbox Series S with 1TB of SSD storage for $350. It arrives September 1, just in time for Starfield and the beginning of a steady stream of big new Game Pass releases. Read more

Hoarding Game Pass Downloads Just Got Cheaper On Xbox

The market for Xbox Series X/S storage expansion cards just got a little more competitive. Electronics maker Western Digital just announced a new line of memory cards starting at 500GB that are $10 less than the existing options from Seagate, just in time for the onslaught of big 2023 releases...

Microsoft Promises No Completely Fake Trailers At Xbox Showcase

We’re a week away from the big not-E3 Xbox summer showcase for 2023 and the ball’s in Microsoft’s court to win back fans after a quiet 12 months punctuated by the disastrous launch of Redfall. In a subtle shot at the recently underwhelming PS5 showcase, Xbox marketing VP Aaron Greenberg promised...

Xbox's Starfield Controller Looks Real, Will Absolutely Take My Money

The saga of the Starfield Xbox controller has been going on for months, but we now have our best confirmation yet that the sleek retro-sci-fi-styled gamepad is potentially real and coming this summer. It might just be my favorite-looking Xbox Series X/S controller yet. Read more

Xbox Promises To Make Games For Much-Needed Queer Visibility

Xbox has announced its plans for Pride 2023, and they include a “long-term” partnership with media-monitoring organization GLAAD, the option for players to donate Microsoft Rewards points to several LGBTQIA+ organizations, and a curated list of games that are made by queer-identifying developers...

PlayStation Plus Adds Some Great Games For June

Another month, and another chance to add more games to your PlayStation library if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. While May 2023 saw GRID Legends, Chivalry 2, and Descenders (which you can still grab if you’re reading this before June 6) added to Sony’s subscription service, June’s got some...

Alan Wake 2 Won't Be Releasing On A Disc

Alan Wake 2, one of the stars of this evening’s PlayStation Showcase, has some very interesting news tucked away in an accompanying FAQ released at the same time as its latest trailer: the game will not be shipping on a disc. At all. It’ll be digital-only.Read more

PlayStation CEO Says Its Games Still Won't Come To PC On Day One

If you were hoping PlayStation would reverse course and launch its games on PC sooner than months or even years later, keep on that hopium. The company recently said it will continue to “stagger” exclusive releases on other platforms.Read more

Xbox Is Running Out Of Time To Get It Right

“As world builders, our greatest responsibility is to inspire and invite joy,” Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said at the New York Game Awards in January. “It feels like today, seeking joy is an act of defiance.” In February, Microsoft lived up to that ideal with the stealth release of Hi-Fi...

Game Pass Now Lets You Give Friends Free Trials On PC

Game Pass PC is full of great games, and a new referral program now lets you invite friends to play them with you free for two weeks. The new benefit arrives alongside Redfall, Xbox’s latest co-op shooter featuring an eerie open world and lots of vampires.Read more

The Reason Regulators Blocked Microsoft's Activision Deal Makes No Sense

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) potentially torpedoed the biggest tech acquisition in history this week and hardly anyone understands why. There are plenty of reasons to prevent a giant corporation from trying to buy huge competitive advantages just because it can flood the zone...

Microsoft Is Struggling To Sell Xboxes, Again

Two years in, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S is already losing steam. The tech giant reported on Tuesday that revenue from console hardware sales was down 30 percent from the same time in 2022 after big games like Starfield got delayed. Game Pass didn’t seem to be making up the difference. Read more

Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Sold Out Immediately And Scalpers Are In Heaven

The long awaited Pixel Remasters of Final Fantasy I through VI finally arrived on Switch and PlayStation 4 on April 19. Unfortunately for longtime fans, the physical editions of the collection sold out immediately on Square Enix’s website and show no signs of coming back in stock. Scalpers are...

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