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Sony's Latest PlayStation Update Did Not Proceed As Planned

Sony rolled out a firmware update for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this morning. Around the same time, PlayStation’s online services went down, with players reporting connection issues with Elden Ring and GTAV, among other titles. It’s not yet clear if there’s a connection between the update...

Google Stadia Loses Another High-Profile Exec

The last year or so hasn’t been great for Stadia, Google’s game streaming service. And now its Director of Games is leaving to join a different part of Google. This follows other high-profile exits from Stadia earlier this year and seems to signal that Google is truly done making or funding...

Google Stadia Shuts Down Internal Studios, Changing Business Focus

Google Stadia, the late 2019 streaming platform that promised to revolutionize gaming by letting users stream games without needing to own a powerful PC or console, is altering course, getting out of the game-making business and will now offer its platform directly to game publishers alongside...

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