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Billionaire Goes To Space And Reviews A Manga

Yusaku Maezawa, the billionaire who founded Japanese internet fashion retail site Zozotown, is the first space tourist to visit the International Space Station in a decade. The entrepreneur told AP that his self-funded trip “pretty much” cost over $80 million. While in space, he’s done a PR stunt...

Japan's Manga Piracy Crackdown Continues

In 2019, there was a global manhunt for the manager of manga piracy site Manga-Mura. The manager, a Japanese citizen named Romi Hoshino, was arrested in Manila on copyright violation charges. In June 2021, he was found guilty, sentenced, and fined. If you thought that was the end of Japan’s piracy...

A Second Nintendo Store Is Opening In Japan

While you’d think Nintendo would have a slew of official shops in Japan, the Kyoto-based game company only has one. Located in Tokyo, the store, cleverly called Nintendo Tokyo, opened in November 2019. But that is going to change because now, in November 2021, Nintendo has announced a second one....

Cosplayer Simply Becomes Angelina Jolie

I’ve featured the work of Alyson Tabbitha a bunch of times here on Kotaku, because she’s just the best. Her make-up work is transformative, and in the past she has shape-shifted into everyone from Wonder Woman to Jack Sparrow to Leeloo Dallas.Read more

Sega Knows Lacking Content For PSO2 New Genesis Is A Big Problem

When Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis was first launched this past July, fans were happy with the overhauled graphics and combat, but there were complaints about the lack of content. At the time, those quibbles were explained as launch issues. It’s now October, and Sega is addressing why...

Fans Gather To Say Goodbye To A Legendary Sega Arcade

Last month, Sega announced that its Sega Ikebukuro Gigo arcade would be closing on September 20. Yesterday, fans gathered to say goodbye to the legendary game center at a ceremony Sega held to mark the end of its 28-year-run. Read more

The Meaning Of Kawaii

Kawaii. You hear it in anime, you hear it on TV shows, and you hear it on the streets of Japan, where the word is uttered by young and old alike. With people around the world growing up on Japanese popular culture, the word has also entered the international zeitgeist. But what does kawaii actually...

Final Fantasy XIV Themed Fried Chicken Goes On Sale In Japan

Today, in Japan, convenience store chain Lawson launched Final Fantasy XIV chicken. What flavor is it? The Crystal of Light and Darkness, as the box states.Or, as noted in the parentheses, “Pepper and Tartar Sauce Flavor.” The light part must be the tartar sauce, while the dark park must be...

Manga Editors Explain Why Official Cosplay Looks Different

Monthly Action magazine publishes Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, a manga about a maid-outfit-wearing dragon who lives with a computer programmer named Kobayashi. The editorial department thought a good way to promote the manga would be with an official cosplay by Enako.Read more

Another Landmark Tokyo Arcade Is Closing

After opening in July 1993, the nine-story Sega Ikebukuro Gigo became a neighborhood landmark. On September 20, the arcade will cease operations and close.Read more

The Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Demo Is Corrupt And Unplayable

As promised during Square Enix’s E3 2021 presentation, the playable demo for action game spin-off Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin has been available for download on the PlayStation 5 since yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, the demo has been corrupt and completely unplayable the whole...

Bukkake Noodles Get A Safe For Work Name In The U.S.

In Japan, bukkake udon is a traditional noodle dish that’s especially popular in the summertime. The word “bukkake” refers to the “splashing” of the savory broth. Yes, also means something else.Read more

It's Very Important To Nintendo That Publishers Don't Work For The Yakuza

After being delayed by technical issues that resulted in a conference call full of screaming Fortnite children, the long-awaited Epic vs Apple court trial is finally underway this week. As part of the proceedings, Nintendo provided documents that include a publisher contract—though honestly...

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