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Sega Lawyers Threaten Wrong Website Over Yakuza Piracy

There are lawyers somewhere out there working for Sega HQ in Japan who have been tasked with hunting down the people responsible for pirating Yakuza: Like a Dragon. And they are not doing a good job.Read more

Japan Finally Gets Rules About Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky isn’t yet one hundred years old. The country set up its first proper whisky distillery in 1923. And from then until this year, there were zero codified rules about what exactly Japanese whisky was.Read more

Some Of Our Favorite (Pre-Pandemic) Cosplay From 2020

While the majority of the year was a complete write-off, for obvious reasons, we did actually squeeze a few big cosplay shows into the early, pre-pandemic months of 2020. So rather than look back on nine months of almost nothing happening on this website, let’s look at the three months something...

The Japanese Government Could Change Cosplay Forever

Currently, anyone in Japan is free to dress as their favorite characters. That will continue, most likely, but there might be big changes for those who make money from cosplaying—and possibly, even for those who don’t.Read more

Exhibitionist Cosplayer Fined And Sentenced For Exposing Herself In Public

Last year at the Fancy Frontier manga and anime expo in Taipei, a Taiwanese cosplayer got in trouble with the law for exposing herself in the cosplay area near the event hall while photographers snapped photos. She was arrested for violating the country’s Act on Offenses Against Sexual...

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