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The Japanese Internet Reacts To Netflix's Kate

Have you seen Kate yet? Folks in Japan have, and they have opinions. Let’s have a look!The Netflix original debuted last Friday. Set in Japan and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, it tells the story of a deadly assassin out for revenge. Internationally, the reviews for Kate have been not great!...

Beat Takeshi Not Injured After Car Attacked by Man with a Pickax

This Saturday at 11:40pm Japan Time, a man with a pickax attacked at car carrying actor and film director Takeshi Kitano, best known by his stage name Beat Takeshi. The attacker even called for the 74-year-old filmmaker get out of his car. Thankfully, neither Kitano nor his driver were injured....

CG Goku Teases New Dragon Ball Anime Movie

Dragon Ball Super is getting a new anime feature! It’s called, wait for it, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Because one “super” is not enough, I guess. Announced during the San Diego Comic-Con, this will be Dragon Ball’s twenty-first anime movie and the second DBS feature, following up on 2018's...

Anime Cels Are Starting To Get More Valuable Than Ever

Last month, Heritage Auctions sold $2.1 worth of anime art. The above My Neighbor Totoro cel, for example, drew 69 bids and ultimately went for $84,000. According to Heritage, that’s 17 times the pre-auction estimate. Read more

Animator Recalls Hayao Miyazaki's Power Of Observation

To be a great animator like Hayao Miyazaki, you need to be able to notice things. The power of observation is key in drawing. Masaaki Endo, who worked on My Neighbor Totoro as a key animator, recently told a story explaining just how good Hayao Miyazaki was at picking up small details. Read more

Hideaki Anno Is Not Remaking A Famous Anime, Says Studio

Recently, an article on a Japanese news site claimed that Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno was doing “a new version” of an anime that “everyone knows” in Japan. The article added that the original iconic anime was directed by someone else, and the information claimed to be from a studio staffer....

How Studio Ghibli Helped With The Latest Evangelion Film

Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno has a history that goes way back with Studio Ghibli—before it was even founded. One of the first big jobs he got in the industry was working on Hayao Miyazaki’s 1984 classic Nausicaä. Read more

World Of Warships Adds Very Bored King Kong And Godzilla

In World of Warships and its console counterpart, World of Warship: Legends, players compete in fairly realistic naval battles featuring historically accurate battleships and weapons. So it’s a bit odd that Godzilla and King Kong have been added to the game as part of a new event. Even weirder...

The Mysterious Girl On The My Neighbor Totoro Poster

On the original poster as well as on the DVD and Blu-ray cover, there is a mysterious girl standing next to Totoro. She isn’t Satsuki or Mei, and this girl does not appear in the movie. Yet, here she is.Read more

Hideaki Anno Is Directing Shin Kamen Rider

In 2023, a new Kamen Rider film will be released. Called Shin Kamen Rider, it will be the latest reimagining of one of Japan’s most iconic heroes. Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno will be at the helm.Read more

Sega Lawyers Threaten Wrong Website Over Yakuza Piracy

There are lawyers somewhere out there working for Sega HQ in Japan who have been tasked with hunting down the people responsible for pirating Yakuza: Like a Dragon. And they are not doing a good job.Read more

If Sega Won't Make A New Monkey Ball, These Guys Will

Monkey Ball creator Toshihiro Nagoshi is busy doing Yakuza stuff right now, and in his absence Sega has spent the last decade neglecting the series. Not to worry! Rolled Out is here, looking exactly like Monkey Ball only for the fact that there’s a rodent in there.Read more

The Latest Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer Teases a Very Special Guest Star

We already knew that Mechagodzilla would be popping up in Godzilla vs. Kong—check him out in toy form—but the latest teaser hyping the movie’s March 31 bow on HBO Max gives us a glimmer of his robotically glowing orbs...via his archrival Godzilla’s giant peeper. Feast your own eyes and see...

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