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The Latest Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer Teases a Very Special Guest Star

We already knew that Mechagodzilla would be popping up in Godzilla vs. Kong—check him out in toy form—but the latest teaser hyping the movie’s March 31 bow on HBO Max gives us a glimmer of his robotically glowing orbs...via his archrival Godzilla’s giant peeper. Feast your own eyes and see...

Valheim Player Turns Ocean Into Giant Trampoline

Can we ever truly know the nature of the sea? Primordial creatures lurk in its depths. It’s powered by outer space. We still don’t understand how eels reproduce. In Valheim, however, it’s a bit simpler: The ocean is a trampoline.Read more

'Shop Contest: Thicczilla, Winners

Godzilla is old news. Last week, Netflix introduced the world to the glorious Thicczilla. We here at Kotaku decided to celebrate this big, beautiful boy. Read more

The First Shin Ultraman Movie Footage Is a Modern Blast From the Past

Shin Godzilla was a Japanese movie that brought the idea of the original Godzilla—a mindless giant monster and merciless force of nature—to see how modern Japan would handle him. Shin Ultraman, a similar reimagining of the hero who spawned the entire genre of tokutatsu shows from the same team...

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