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Destiny 2 Latest Game To Boldly Announce Gargantuan Gal

Today, Bungie proudly joins the ranks of Capcom, FromSoftware, and other lovers of big ladies everywhere. The upcoming Destiny 2 expansion stars the Hive Witch Savathun, a long-teased major villain from the part of the lore I actually know about (ask me anything about sword logic), and Bungie...

Let's Rank The Main Resident Evil Games, From Worst To Best

The Resident Evil series is arguably the most successful and popular video game horror franchise of all time. It’s spawned more movies, spin-offs, and comics than I can count, and has easily cemented itself in mainstream pop culture as “those zombie games with dogs.” But not all Resident Evil games...

Resident Evil Village vs Resident Evil 4: The Best Merchant

In one corner, a large, helpful man who sells weapons and cooks meals. In the other corner, a mysterious figure who has a lot of good things on sale today, stranger. He also might be infected? It’s time to figure out who’s better: The Duke from Resident Evil Village or The Merchant from RE4. Read...

Lady Dimitrescu's Actor & Model Cosplaying As Lady Dimitrescu

Look I know we’ve already seen some incredible Lady Dimitrescu cosplay, but I figured it was worth seeing some more today given the fact the ladies in the dress here are the actors Capcom used to bring the character to life.Read more

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