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Bloodborne Vibes Weren’t Intentional, Say Pinocchio Souls-Like Devs

Earlier this month, South Korean developer Round8 Studio shared early gameplay footage for Lies of P, its upcoming Souls-like based on the classic Pinocchio fairy tale. And while the dark fantasy setting elicited obvious comparisons to From Software masterpiece Bloodborne, the devs recently told...

Study Finds Most Popular Cryptocurrencies With Russian Social Media Users

In a year with rising crypto prices, online chatter devoted to cryptocurrencies has increased significantly. Research carried out on Russian social media has identified the most talked about coins and it’s not just bitcoin on people’s minds. Experts List Most Mentioned Cryptos...

Control Layout in a Multi-Directional Website

Many business websites need a multilingual setup. As with anything development-related, implementing one in an easy, efficient, and maintainable way is desirable. Designing and developing to be ready for multiple languages, whether it happens right at launch or is expected … The post Control...

Animal Crossing Players Do Great And Terrible Things With The New Polish Tool

The item polishing mechanic introduced in the excellent Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons starts off harmlessly enough, giving players a way to add a bit of sparkle to their home furnishings. But when all of the new features’ options are unlocked, including the ability...

Forza Horizon 5's Sign Language Interpreters Are A Huge Step For Gaming

Accessibility options are a growing concern among developers big and small, but Forza Horizon 5 is prepared to go above and beyond industry norms (and hopefully set a new standard) with on-screen sign language interpreters, a first-of-its-kind feature in the AAA gaming world.Read more

Alone In The Dark Scared The Crap Out Of Me

I am scared of many things in video games. Sharks mostly, but there’s other stuff. Nothing has ever scared me, though, as much as 1992's Alone in the Dark.Read more

How Halloween Became a Thing in Japan

When I first came to Japan in 2001, Halloween was not a thing. At all. Well, it was if you were a foreigner, but Japanese people just didn’t really get it.Read more

Buzz Lightyear Trailer Makes No Sense, Breaks Internet's Brain

When I woke up today, I expected my kitchen to be a mess because I binged The Morning Show instead of cleaning it last night. Despite it already being Wednesday, I was also prepared to be overwhelmed by the truckload of tasks I have yet to cross off my to-do list this week. What I was not ready...

House of Ashes: The Kotaku Review

House of Ashes wants you to know that it’s a video game so bad that it sometimes undermines its own cinematic power with gameplay that feels obligatory rather than supportive of its storytelling. Yet it also wants the prestige associated with blockbuster American films with weighty themes, and gets...

The Scary Theory That Totoro Is The God of Death

My Neighbor Totoro is a family favorite. Kids and adults alike love the story of two sisters in the idyllic Japanese countryside with magical creatures. But for some viewers, there’s darkness seething underneath. Totoro is no cuddly critter. He is a killer. Read more

What It's Like To Voice My Hero Academia From Home, According To The Actors

World Heroes Mission, the third movie to spring from the exceedingly popular shonen anime series My Hero Academia, is about to arrive in theaters. Ahead of the theatrical release, I spoke to the film’s voice actors about the evolution of their characters and how they’ve adjusted to working from...

GTA Online Is Currently Haunted By Killer Clowns And Ghost Cars

Grand Theft Auto Online is dangerous enough all year round, thanks to assholes and rocket bikes. But now, it’s even more dangerous and spooky, thanks to new Halloween-themed content added to the game via the latest update. If you head into GTA Online, be on the lookout for UFOs, deadly ghost cars...

Dragon Ball Voice Actor Chris Ayres Dies Age 56

Chris Ayres, perhaps best known as Frieza’s English language voice actor, has passed away. Besides the iconic Dragon Ball character, Ayres also voiced Kei Kurono in Gantz, and Shingen Takeda in Sengoku Basara. He was 56 years old. Read more

Player 67

Vimal Kerketta is an artist at DNEG, a visual effects studio that has recently worked on stuff like No Time To Die and Star Trek: Discovery.Read more

The Best (Not Scary) Games To Play This Halloween Season

Halloween is here and while you may enjoy this holiday, you might not be as into scary horror games as others. You aren’t alone! Horror games can be incredibly intense, even for those who love a good scary movie. But maybe you still want to enjoy some games on Halloween, just without all the jump...

12 Things To Check Out After You've Binged Squid Game

Even if you live under a rock duplex, you’ve probably seen Netflix’s Squid Game do the rounds on social media. This should come as no surprise because Netflix reports that Squid Game (not to be confused with Nintendo’s Splatoon) is its most popular series launch ever, gaining 111 million viewers...

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