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Darkest Dungeon II Tries Something New, And It Mostly Works

Darkest Dungeon II is nothing if not evocative—a positive quirk it shares with the first game. When my party reaches the Mountain at its heart, they are brought low. This place has haunted their dreams for weeks—a different configuration for each of them.Read more

What's A 4X Game, And Why Do They Rule?

Here’s an experience we’ve all definitely had: It’s a Monday and your co-workers are gathering around the water cooler discussing the games they played over the weekend. “I can’t get enough of this new 4X game,” one of them declares. Excited by talk of video games, you make an effort to break into...

Amazon Prime’s Free Games For October Are Shockingly Good

I have a boring ritual. Every few weeks, I make sure to check out the Prime Gaming Rewards page to see what free games are available. Most of the time it’s nothing too exciting, maybe a few good, smaller games along with some totally forgettable things I’ll never play. But October is different....

Behold, My New Favorite Crusader Kings Bug

Crusader Kings II is a game with a long and proud tradition of “bugs that should be hung in the Louvre”, but I think this new one I’ve learned about today is my favourite.Read more

The 15 Best Games on PC

PC gamers have got a pretty great thing going. Interesting, experimental indie games? Yup. Complex strategy simulations? Totally. The shiniest, prettiest versions of big-budget console games? They get a lot of those, too. Let’s say you’ve recently joined the ranks of the PC elite. Which games...

Dying Light 2 Delayed To 2022

Dying Light 2: Stay Human, the first-person zombie parkour game slated for a December 7 release, has been delayed, developer Techland announced in a tweet today. It’ll now come out on February 4, 2022, for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, contributing to what’s shaping up to be the most stacked release...

Wow, This Quake Clone Is Smaller Than A Word Doc

Games today are massive, taking up dozens of gigabytes. Some recent bigger games, like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, cracked 250GB in total. That’s too big. But a new free mini-shooter out today, Q1K3, is a blast and only needs 13KB of JavaScript. It’s also part of a contest dedicated to devs...

Steam Turns 18 Years Old Today

Steam, the digital PC storefront, officially launched to the public 18 years ago today, on September 12, 2003. I didn’t realize just how old Steam was and by extension how old I’ve gotten. I guess time flies when your buying, downloading, and installing a bunch of games that you’ll end up never...

FYI: Tales Of Arise’s Costume DLC Adds Hidden Skills

A Tales game isn’t a Tales game if it doesn’t have a comically ridiculous wardrobe. In that regard, Tales of Arise, the latest entry in Bandai Namco’s long-running series of JRPGs, does not disappoint. (See: screenshot above, screenshots below.) But heed this warning: Downloading the game’s...

Psychonauts 2 Hides An Mpreg Secret By The Creator of Adventure Time

Letting Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward near your project is always going to be a risk. For Double Fine and the recently released Psychonauts 2, that collaboration appears to have resulted in a crudely animated Easter egg in which, well, central character Raz is pregnant.Read more

Tripwire CEO 'Steps Down' After Supporting Texas Anti-Abortion Law

John Gibson, the CEO of Tripwire Interactive—the studio behind Maneater and Killing Floor—has “stepped down” following enormous public and internal backlash over his support of Texas’ recent decision to strip women of a basic human right.Read more

More Tips Than You Probably Need For The Quake Remaster

We were all a little surprised just how quickly the recent Quake remaster came about, going from rumors and ESRB sightings to available on PSN and Steam in no time flat. Now, many people are playin’ id Software’s landmark 1996 first-person shooter for the first time. Welcome!Read more

Wild What You Can Make With Doom Technology These Days

Doom changed everything in 1993, and the tech behind Doom would go on to power countless mods, fan games, and full commercial releases. However, as always, time marches forward and what was once cutting edge becomes yesterday’s news. Yet, right now in 2021, a small group of devs is toiling away...

Axiom Verge 2 Shows It's Time To Rethink Metroidvanias

More so than any other medium, video games have a knack for spawning jargon that’s both absurd sounding and inscrutable. Near the top of that list is “Metroidvania,” a term that would prompt any normal person you said it in front of to quickly begin searching for the nearest exit. Even people...

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