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The Latest Life-Sized Gundam Is Disappointing Some Fans

Next spring, yet another one-to-one scale Gundam will go up in Japan. This one will be located at a LaLaport shopping center in Fukuoka. Exciting, no? I think so! But not everyone does. This particular incarnation is a ν (Nu) Gundam, but it’s a revamped version. Dubbed RX-93ff Nu Gundam, Yoshiyuki...

Goombas Topple Over At Super Nintendo World's Yoshi Ride

Earlier this week, a moving stack Goombas toppled over at Super Nintendo World’s Yoshi’s Adventure attraction in Universal Studios Japan. You can glimpse the Goombas in the above image. Livedoor News reports that the Goomba statue, which measures several meters tall, did fell in an area where park...

Car Crashes Into Japanese Arcade, Thankfully No One Was Hurt

Last week in Hiroshima, a sedan plowed into an arcade at a little after 9 pm, knocking over a row of bicycles and smashing through glass. The game center was still in operation, and fortunately, no one in the car or arcade was hurt.Read more

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