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Hey, Magic: The Gathering, Your Story Is Doing Great Without The Racist Tropes

Ever since Jordan Peele gave us Get Out, there’s been a trend in pop culture entertainment that upsets the shit outta me—everything (and oh my Lord, do I mean everything) is centered on Black Pain. It feels like the only shows or movies that prominently feature Black people involved in fantastical...

New Magic: The Gathering Card Accused Of Using Stolen Artwork

Strixhaven: School of Mages, a new set of Magic: The Gathering cards, is due for release next month, but one of its cards is already generating controversy after it emerged that the artist responsible for drawing it sure did borrow a lot of stuff from another, uncredited artist.Read more

Magic: Legends Open Beta Is Go

Cryptic Studios’ free-to-play Magic: The Gathering-meets-Diablo action card-playing game has launched into open beta via Arc Games and the Epic Games Store, giving players all over the world the chance to play the game Kotaku’s Ash Parrish said several nice things about. Read more

Magic: Legends Makes Diablo-Style Combat Feel Like, Well, Magic

In the past, every month or so my partner and I would follow the instructions on the box and “gather” with our friends to play Magic: The Gathering. We’d have a casual sealed draft of whatever the latest set was, and at the end of the (at times very long) night, the winner walked home with a couple...

Valve's Card Game Is Officially Dead

Artifact has now failed twice. After a messy launch and a failed attempt to reboot it last year, Valve announced today it’s calling it quits on the beleaguered Dota 2 card game.Read more

An Ode To My Favorite Flavor Texts

More than the set piece battle or the final showdown between hero and villain, it’s the quieter, smaller moments in video games that get me. In some games, those tiny moments can be a sudden expression on a character’s face or a short piece of dialogue from an inconsequential scene. But more often...

Magic: The Gathering Arena Now Available On Google Play

Magic: The Gathering Arena, the online multiplayer version of the popular trading-card game, launched today in early access for select Android devices via Google Play, with an iOS version due out later this year. Playing involves some squinting, but now it’s even harder to put down. Read more

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