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Nintendo Switch Datamine Hints At Smash Bros. And Other N64 Games Coming

The Switch Online Expansion Pack arrived earlier this week, bringing nine N64 games to Nintendo’s portable console. That’s...not a lot, and people have been eager to know what other classics will be headed to the subscription-based library. Recently datamined files offer a few hints.Read more

Players Have A Ton Of Complaints About Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 Games

Nintendo 64 games finally became officially playable on Nintendo Switch Online last night and they run...less than stellar. Almost immediately, social media started filling up with examples of technical shortcomings, emulation woes, and button layouts that prove there is no god. It once again calls...

You’ll Have To Pay More Than Double For Switch Online If You Want N64 Games

In September, Nintendo announced that it would make N64 games available as part of its Nintendo Switch Online service. At the time, Nintendo withheld the pricing info, leading some to speculate about how steep it could be. Today, we get our answer. Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack (official...

You Can't Make Me Use The N64 Controller Again, Nintendo

One of Nintendo’s cuter little announcements during the latest Direct was that, with N64 games coming soon to the system, the company will also start selling recreations of the console’s controller for you to play them on.Read more

Why The Splatoon 3 Devs Are The Best, In One GIF

Sometimes, during these surprise Nintendo Direct presentations, developers will just do the darnedest things. This includes the Splatoon 3 studio Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development (Nintendo EDP) whose nondescript “squid researcher” dazzled us with both late-breaking research...

All The Biggest Announcements From Nintendo's Big September Direct

Today’s surprise Nintendo Direct offered 40 packed minutes of forthcoming Switch games, new content for old ones, and, er, teasers for forthcoming Directs about specific games like Smash and Animal Crossing. Below you’ll find all the big stories that came out of the presentation.Read more

New WipEout Game Announced, Only It's Not On Console

WipeOut is, very quietly, one of the most important video game series to have ever lived thanks to its role in selling the original PlayStation as something genuinely “cool”, but it’s a franchise that has fallen on hard times of late.Read more

Mario Kart 8 Speedrunner Has Nearly Perfected Blowing Himself Up

On Wednesday, speedrunner SkillOz came incredibly close to an ideal time in Mario Kart 8 DX’s “blue yourself” challenge, which requires the player to intentionally detonate themself with a blue shell. This meme category, which refers to any speedrunning category that showcases something ridiculous...

And Now, Mario Kart Tracks In Flight Simulator

We’ve seen how well Microsoft’s Flight Simulator handles interpreting real-world objects and landmarks, but what about something a little more…racy? Modder Illogicoma thought it would be neat to try importing Mario Kart tracks into the sim, and they’re right. It’s very neat.Read more

What If Mario Kart, But Terrible Asks GTA Online

When I saw the first images of Grand Theft Auto Online’s new Kart Krash mode, I was intrigued. It looked like Rockstar’s take on a kart racer, poised to infuse Los Santos with some outlandish fun. Sadly, while this new mode does feature karts and power-ups, it’s not about racing, but instead about...

Mario Kart 64 Legend Just Retired Because He Got Betrayed

Matthias Rustemeyer is one of the all-time greats at Mario Kart 64. Maybe even the best. He’s certainly the most famous, having dominated the top-tier of its competitive scene for the greater part of a decade. And now he’s retiring.Read more

Nintendo Sold Too Much Animal Crossing Last Year And That's Hard To Repeat

Last year was effing awful, but Nintendo did great. At this time last year, Kotaku reported that Nintendo’s profits between April and June 2020 increased by over 400 percent—a number that even a year later is hard to comprehend. Understandably, during that same period this year, the feat was hard...

NYPD Game Truck Wants Kids To Forget Cops Are Bastards

Over the July 4 weekend, WNYC reporter Gwynne Hogan shared a photo of the New York City Police Department’s latest attempt at community outreach. The largest local law enforcement agency in the United States plans to launch a game truck full of consoles to seemingly entice children into spending...

Nintendo's Leadership Reveal Their Favorite Video Games

At Nintendo’s 81st annual general meeting of shareholders, a Q&A section allowed those present to ask all kinds of business-related questions. One, however, was so obvious I cannot believe it hasn’t been asked before: someone simply wanted to know what everyone’s favourite video games were.Read...

The Nintendo 64 Is Now 25 Years Old

On June 23, 1996, the Nintendo 64 went on sale in Japan. The console is now 25 years old. Twenty-five! Can you believe it?Read more

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