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Marvel, Give Me A Dora Milaje Video Game Already

Marvel Studios, Disney, whoever’s in charge of licensing Marvel properties nowadays, come, let me bend your ear for I have a proposition that is guaranteed to increase your already-incalculable fortune. Are you ready to hear my 1000% foolproof money printing idea? Here goes: Dora Milaje video game....

Hawkeye Can't Save Marvel's Avengers

Like a sexy civilian in a superhero movie, Marvel’s Avengers needs saving. Someone, or something, needs to swoop in with panache and 11th-hour heroics. And the hero up at bat is...Hawkeye? Really? Him?Read more

Spider-Man Still Isn't Coming To Avengers Anytime Soon

Spider-Man is still coming to Marvel’s Avengers and will remain exclusively available on the PS4 and PS5. However, the developers on the game confirmed that the original release window for Spidey, early 2021, is no longer accurate. Read more

Everything to Remember Before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Just two weeks after the end of WandaVision, the next story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is ready to be told. (Which is nice considering we waited well over a year between the last two installments.) That story is called The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and the six-episode Disney+ series will...

Marvel's Avengers, Six Months Later

Marvel’s Avengers was as plagued by buzz as it was inertia. Before the game released, it was defined by a chaotic din of muddy messaging, sky-high expectations, and that little thing called the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After launch, the conversation shifted: Would it become another success like...

Black Panther: Sins of the King Blurs the Line Between Life and Death

Though Serial Box’s Black Panther: Sins of the King audiobook is set firmly outside the continuities of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and its comic books, the new narrative drama is coursing with the same epic, politically charged energy that first made T’Challa and the nation of Wakanda some of...

Animated Fantasy Cryptozoo Finds Beauty in the Truly Strange

In a world where cryptids are real but misunderstood, a trio of women (one of whom happens to be a Gorgon) join forces to protect the strange beasts that lurk among us. But as we see in Dash Shaw’s gloriously colorful adult animation Cryptozoo, sometimes the best intentions aren’t always what’s...

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