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Dynamic CSS Masks with Custom Properties and GSAP

Learn how to animate CSS masks based on the cursor position using GSAP and custom properties for a unique spotlight effect. The post Dynamic CSS Masks with Custom Properties and GSAP appeared first on Codrops

Image Fragmentation Effect With CSS Masks and Custom Properties

Geoff shared this idea of a checkerboard where the tiles disappear one-by-one to reveal an image. In it, an element has a background image, then a CSS Grid layout holds the “tiles” that go from a filled background color to … The post Image Fragmentation Effect With CSS Masks and Custom...

Japanese TV Introduces "Mask Manners"

Even before the age of covid-19, sickness masks were widely worn in Japan, especially during hay fever season. But now that people wear them every day, throughout the day, it seems as though there’s a notion as to what’s good and bad mask manners. Read more

clipPath vs. mask

These things are so similar, I find it hard to keep them straight. This is a nice little explanation from viewBox (what a cool name and URL, I hope they keep it up). The big thing is that clipPath (the element in SVG, as well as clip-path in CSS) is vector and when it is applied, whatever you...

Mask Of The Rose Is A Romantic Visual Novel Set In, Uh, Fallen London

Failbetter Games introduced players to the Fallen London universe, in which the English capital has been transported underground by mysterious forces, through an eponymous browser game and gothic survival sequels Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies. But the studio’s next project aims to be a more...

Flexible Repeating SVG Masks

Tyler Gaw reminds us that mask-image can repeat, resize, and move just like background-image does, which is fun to combine and play with. I could see it being a fun option for an <hr, like Sara is doing. CodePen Embed Fallback Direct Link to Article — Permalink… Read article...

Masking GIFs with other GIFs

The other day, Cassie Evans tweeted a really neat trick that I’ve never seen before: using SVG to mask one GIF on top of another. The effect is quite lovely, especially if you happen to grab a colorful GIF and place it on top of a monochrome one:  See the Pen Masking gifs with other gifs......

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