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Twitch's Latest Sensation Is A Stop Sign Where No One Stops

A blue car pulls up to a stop sign. Against all odds, it briefly, miraculously comes to a halt. Twitch chat goes ballistic. Numerous people spam “I was here” as pogchamp emotes flood in. This is Stopsigncam, a Twitch channel that suddenly has over 125,000 followers even though it’s just a camera...

Streamers Play With Call Of Duty Actor, Get Suspended For Cheating

Streamer Alex Zedra—the face behind an actual character in Call of Duty—was playing Warzone the other day with two other folks when she noticed some pretty suspect behaviour. And hey, surprise, the two people she was playing with have now had their Twitch channels suspended for cheating.Read more

Hogwarts Legacy Developer Quits Following Backlash Over YouTube Channel

Troy Leavitt, the game developer at the centre of a controversy last month after it was discovered he had run “a reactionary YouTube channel focused on attacking feminism and social justice”, has resigned from his position at Avalanche Software, developers of the upcoming Harry Potter game...

Twitch Removes Amazon's Anti-Union Ads After Furious Streamer Response

Earlier this week, it came to light that Twitch was running ads in blatant opposition to the Amazon warehouse worker unionization effort in Bessemer, Alabama. Streamers, who had no say in whether or not these ads appeared during their broadcasts, were outraged. Today, Twitch has removed the...

GameStop Exec Leaves With $2.8 Million Severance

GameStop chief financial officer Jim Bell is set to resign from his position on March 26, the video game retailer announced today. He’ll do so $2.8 million richer thanks to a lucrative severance bonus.Read more

How to Score Free Screeners Before New Movies Come Out

Your average cinephile might itch with anticipation before a new blockbuster release, but unless you’ve got a legitimate critic’s platform, you’ve got slim chances of receiving that coveted screener. Luckily, it’s probably easier than ever to become something of a movie critic, provided you’ve...

Project Triangle Strategy Just Became One Of My Most Anticipated Games

Think back to the last argument you had. Did you sway the other person to your side? How much effort did that take? That tug-of-war—the fraught nature of persuasion, and the notion that you don’t initially know if you’ve pulled it off—is the unexpected crux of Project Triangle Strategy, an upcoming...

Watch: The 2nd Annual Blackest Awards Winners!

We’re so happy to bring you the winners for our 2nd Annual Blackest Awards. Around here, we call them The Skippies because we get down like that. Well, as with most awards shows, some awards are televised—unlike the revolution—while others are awarded before the show. Since we don’t have a show,...

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