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Psychonauts 2 Hides An Mpreg Secret By The Creator of Adventure Time

Letting Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward near your project is always going to be a risk. For Double Fine and the recently released Psychonauts 2, that collaboration appears to have resulted in a crudely animated Easter egg in which, well, central character Raz is pregnant.Read more

Dissecting The Ridiculousness Of Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is all Kotaku’s staff has been talking about since it came out. Between the plot twist, hand gore, and Tall Lady Thirst, there was much to discuss, so staff editor Lisa Marie Segarra, weekend editor Zack Zweizen, and staff writer Ian Walker got together for a spoiler-heavy...

Pretty Much Everyone In Resident Evil Village Needs Therapy

I’m a big believer in therapy and finding healthy coping mechanisms, so throughout my playthrough of Resident Evil Village, I kept thinking about how much better off everyone would’ve been had they just worked their shit out. Seriously. I think everyone in this fucked-up game could benefit from...

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