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The Ascent Devs Dish On The Messy Launch For 2021’s Best Sci-Fi RPG

The Ascent is a modern game dev bingo card. First, it debuted at a splashy publisher event. Then, it was announced with a coveted November release date (and as a next-gen launch title, no less); then it was delayed. It was of course hyped as a day-one Game Pass title; and eventually, launched...

Deathloop Players All Agree: The Dedicated Kick Button Rules

There I was, creeping along a cliff on the outside of a big castle-like structure when I saw a single enemy, completely alone. He was standing on the edge of the cliff with his back to me. This setup ranked high on my “kickable moment meter,” a situation which routinely leads to disappointment....

Splitgate’s Getting Bigger And Better, Thanks To A Cool $100M

Developer 1047 Games has raised $100 million from a bunch of venture capital investors, the studio announced via press release today. The eye-popping fundraising haul will allow the outfit to remain independent and beef up work on its enormously popular free-to-play arena shooter, Splitgate.Read...

Game Pass Is Really Blowing Up In September

As a cynical, bitter, battle-worn games critic, I would like nothing better than to declare what a disastrous mess Microsoft is making of Game Pass. But damn them, they’re not, and the line-up of new additions coming in the second half of September is pleasingly strong. Another 13 games are getting...

Psychonauts 2 Hides An Mpreg Secret By The Creator of Adventure Time

Letting Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward near your project is always going to be a risk. For Double Fine and the recently released Psychonauts 2, that collaboration appears to have resulted in a crudely animated Easter egg in which, well, central character Raz is pregnant.Read more

Alan Wake Is Getting Remastered, And It Is About Damn Time

Today, it was announced that Epic Games will be publishing a remaster of the 2010 Xbox cult classic Alan Wake later this fall on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The company had previously announced a deal with Remedy Games, the development studio behind the bureaucracy-set, blockbuster third-person...

Microsoft Flight Simulator Bumps Top Gun DLC To 2022

Big screen movie releases are once again being reshuffled, as Covid-19's delta variant wreaks merry hell across the US. With cases climbing steeply since July, movie studios are aware how dangerous it is to encourage people into confined, stuffy rooms, sat closely together, with minimal...

343 Is Changing Halo Infinite's Motion Tracker To Be More Like The Old Games

On Friday, 343 Industries released a lengthy post summarizing many of the changes, fixes, and improvements made to Halo Infinite after receiving tons of feedback from its technical preview in August. One of the biggest changes is that the motion tracker is being tweaked and will operate more like...

The Halo 2 Condom

In 2021 video game marketing tends to be pretty slick, but it wasn’t that long ago that the medium, in the process of trying to drag itself out of the advertising dark ages of the 1980s and ‘90s, was still prone to some decisions that have aged a lot worse than the games they were selling.Read more

And Now, Mario Kart Tracks In Flight Simulator

We’ve seen how well Microsoft’s Flight Simulator handles interpreting real-world objects and landmarks, but what about something a little more…racy? Modder Illogicoma thought it would be neat to try importing Mario Kart tracks into the sim, and they’re right. It’s very neat.Read more

It's 2021 And Halo 3 Is Still Getting New Maps

Good games don’t die, they just get old. Halo 3 is a very good (and yes, very old) game, being released back in 2007. But 13 years later it is still getting new maps. This time, 343 Industries is adding a remake of a classic Halo 2 map into the Master Chief Collection version of Halo 3. Read more

Chips In Consoles Get Pricier, Could Make Them Even Harder To Score

The global semiconductor industry suffered a potentially significant setback this week when Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), a preeminent chip manufacturer that counts the likes of Apple, Toyota, and other global firms among its client list, announced a price hike for its suite...

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