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Returnal Feels Like An Actual PS5 Game

A busted spaceship. An uncharted exoplanet teeming with hostile life. An emphasis on scanning objects, upgrading equipment, and retracing your footsteps. Those might sound like core components of a new Metroid Prime, but they’re not, at least not in this case. They’re the ingredients of...

Single-Player Games Are Finally Making A Comeback, Sort Of

Once upon a time, Shigeru Miyamoto famously said, “A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game is bad forever.” It’s a statement that felt like it would never fall out of fashion, until it did. Modern games are never finished. Bad games become good. Good games become bad. Games of all stripes...

Hades Wins Best Game At The 2021 BAFTA Game Awards

In addition to prestigious accolades like Best Indie Game at the 2020 Game Awards and Best Game Times 10 at the 2020 Ari Notis Awards, Hades just picked up top honors at today’s online-only BAFTA Games Awards. Hell yeah, Hades.Read more

Spider-Man Still Isn't Coming To Avengers Anytime Soon

Spider-Man is still coming to Marvel’s Avengers and will remain exclusively available on the PS4 and PS5. However, the developers on the game confirmed that the original release window for Spidey, early 2021, is no longer accurate. Read more

Sorry PS5, Xbox Series X Has Unexpectedly Become My Preferred Console

I started this new generation of game consoles with the expectation that I would be playing most games on the PS5, like how I played most stuff on PS4 last gen. But nearly five months later, I’m spending most of my time on the Xbox Series X and now I feel bad, like I’m ignoring my PS5.Read more

What Superhero Movies Need to Remember While Embracing Multiversal Madness

Much as audiences might long for Hollywood to change its approach to superhero movies, studios are loathe to let go of the genre’s established hallmarks. So things like glowing MacGuffins and overstuffed’s crossovers are utilized for a variety of reasons—including the simple fact that a lot...

Let Me Just Check Twitter Real Quick...

This week on Snapshots we got some wonderful Assassin’s Creed images, a bit of Cyberpunk, some more Spider-Man, a creepy looking cat, and a cool bow and arrow shot from Red Dead Redemption II. Oh and more cool screenshots from other games too. Read more

The Fictional Characters, TV Shows, and Movies We Lost in 2020

It was a rough year for all of us in the real world, but those fictional universes we spend so much time in didn’t get off scot-free. A lot of television shows ended their runs this year, and a lot of our favorite characters from sci-fi, fantasy, and horror took their final bows as well. Here...

These Shoes Were Made For Crawling

This week... more screenshots from Miles Morales! But I’m not complaining! That game has such a great photo mode that I expect I’ll be getting screenshots from it for years to come. Some other great screenshots from Control, Assassin’s Creed, and more.Read more

How Miles Morales Connects To Harlem In The New Spider-Man Game

In Insomniac’s 2018 Spider-Man game, Peter Parker’s relationship with New York City involved the occasional selfie with a citizen and a lot of palling around with the NYPD. The new Miles Morales game does something different. It foregrounds Miles Morales’ relationship to Harlem and the community...

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