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Apple To Epic: What's A Kotaku?

Today, as part of the ongoing Epic v. Apple court case, Apple counsel Rich Doren, while cross examining Epic engineer Andrew Grant about a Minecraft Earth-related email chain between Epic employees, asked a very important question.Read more

Returnal’s Lack Of A Save Feature Is Ruining Players’ Runs

I made a mistake. Yesterday, I had to stop playing Returnal, a tough-as-nails action game released last week exclusively for PS5, mid-run to tend to some chores. You know, like shopping for groceries and drinking rosé on my roof. When I returned to my PlayStation 5 this morning, a pop-up...

Someone Created An Evil Minecraft Mod That Camouflages Creepers

Most mods I download or see add helpful features or neat new elements, like a cool weapon or better sound effects. However, not all mods are helpful or fun. Some mods are downright evil, like this new Minecraft mod that uses different textures to hide Creepers based on what biome they are in. Read...

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Split In Two, Partially Delayed

Citing the ambitious nature of the gameworld-changing update along with the current state of the real world, Mojang today announced it’s splitting Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update into two parts. Part one will be out this summer as planned, with the second half coming during the holiday...

Tips For Playing Outriders

At first glance, Outriders might look like a game you’ve played one thousand times: a sci-fi third-person shooter in which you shoot stuff to get better gear in order to shoot more stuff. But there are plenty of quirks, making this loot-shooter more complex than you might think. Since the game’s...

Minecraft ve vývojové biologii: pomůže vyvíjet umělé orgány?

Když skupina výzkumníků umělé inteligence začala používat Minecraft k simulaci buněčného růstu, byli překvapeni propracovaností struktur a začali… The post Minecraft ve vývojové biologii: pomůže vyvíjet umělé orgány? appeared first on

Minecraft Has a New Sustainable City Map to Explore

Mojang Studios released a free sustainability city map on Thursday that teaches players how to create a sustainable environment in the real world by exploring a virtual one. The focus is on educating students on how things like recycling plants and clean energy work, while being fun...

Minecraft Earth Ends This Summer

Augmented reality mobile game Minecraft Earth is shutting down in June, developer Mojang Studios announced this morning.Read more

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