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Moneygram Halts Using Ripple Due to SEC Lawsuit Over XRP Cryptocurrency

Moneygram has announced that it has suspended using Ripple’s platform due to the lawsuit against Ripple Labs and its executives by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Last year, the company earned $50.2 million from Ripple for using the platform. Moneygram Stops Using...

Alex Holmes, MoneyGram’s CEO Acclaims XRP Along with Its Consequences

Alex Holmes, CEO of MoneyGram, a major money transfer company, praised XRP after using its cross border payment platform xRapid. In one of his latest interviews, Holmes was exuberant, while sharing his experience about the use of digital asset XRP. The praise comes after the series of steps taken...

Moneygram To Use Xrapid Of Ripple For Transnational Money Transfer

Ripple has announced on Monday, 17th June, about their partnership with the currency transmission company MoneyGram. As per the reports, the cryptocurrency company is likely to invest $50 million into the money transfer company; in turn, MoneyGram will use XRP as a part of their everyday operation....

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