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Apex Legends Removes Tech That Grew Beef Between PC and Console Fans

Apex Legends, the battle royale movement shooter developed by Repsawn Entertainment, is no stranger to controversy. Because Apex supports crossplay, PC and Console players have been beefing for a while over the slight differences and advantages each side gets from their platform of choice. All...

PC Gamer Mods PS4 Controller With Keyboard Switches

One of the most popular ways for manufacturers to add extra inputs to game controllers is positioning four paddle-shaped buttons on the back. Redditor Styroor took that idea, grabbed some basic tools, and created a new type of DualShock 4: one with backside buttons. It looks a little rough,...

Razer’s Huntsman V2 Is That Rarest Of Beasts: An Analog Keyboard

Most mechanical keyboard switches have two states, on or off. The switches inside Razer’s new $250 Huntsman V2 Analog keyboard sense degrees of motion, allowing users to set their own actuation depth, apply degrees of pressure like with an analog joystick, or even have one key perform multiple...

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