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Apex Legends Servers To Stay Borked For A Bit

Apex Legends players have been having a miserable time of late. When the game’s not being hacked by disgruntled Titanfall players, players sometimes devolve into having enormous fights over controversial in-game strategies, such as tap strafing. The latest grief to befall them is a whole new raft...

Splitgate’s Getting Bigger And Better, Thanks To A Cool $100M

Developer 1047 Games has raised $100 million from a bunch of venture capital investors, the studio announced via press release today. The eye-popping fundraising haul will allow the outfit to remain independent and beef up work on its enormously popular free-to-play arena shooter, Splitgate.Read...

Holy Crap, Look At Spongebob Wavedash In The Nick Fighting Game

The folks behind upcoming platform fighter Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl released a glut of gameplay footage today, including a breakdown video that shows the cartoon channel’s mascot, Spongebob Squarepants, performing one of the genre’s most important movement techniques, the wavedash. And, oh...

Bungie Has Big Plans For Destiny 2

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is still six months away but it’s already sounding like one of the game’s most ambitious updates yet. Over the last two weeks Bungie has shed more light on the next annual expansion and the vast changes it will bring with it, from weapon crafting to overhauled subclasses....

The Halo 2 Condom

In 2021 video game marketing tends to be pretty slick, but it wasn’t that long ago that the medium, in the process of trying to drag itself out of the advertising dark ages of the 1980s and ‘90s, was still prone to some decisions that have aged a lot worse than the games they were selling.Read more

PUBG's Creator Leaves Company To Form New Studio

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, the man whose modding and design efforts helped create the Battle Royale genre as we know it, has left PUBG’s parent company Krafton to form his own development studio.Read more

The Week In Games: Kiwi Birds

This week, co-op puzzler Keywe releases on most platforms and asks the eternal question: What happens when you let two kiwi birds (and an octopus) run the entire mail system for a small town? Read more

April O'Neil Coming To Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

The makers of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl announced today that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ April O’Neil and CatDog’s Catdog are joining its already packed roster when the game comes to console and PC later this fall.Read more

Halo Infinite Release Date Leaks, Out In December

After one metric infinity of waiting, Halo Infinite finally has a release date. The next chapter in Master Chief’s saga will come out on December 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, according to a since taken-down listing on the Microsoft store, as spotted by the Italian site Aggiornamenti...

Halo Infinite Won't Have Campaign Co-Op At Launch

Microsoft and 343 Industries announced today that campaign co-op and Forge mode won’t be available in Halo Infinite at launch. Instead, they’ll be added to the game next year. They also promised more and bigger flights to test out modes like Big Team Battle. And no, we still don’t have a release...

What If Mario Kart, But Terrible Asks GTA Online

When I saw the first images of Grand Theft Auto Online’s new Kart Krash mode, I was intrigued. It looked like Rockstar’s take on a kart racer, poised to infuse Los Santos with some outlandish fun. Sadly, while this new mode does feature karts and power-ups, it’s not about racing, but instead about...

Apex Legends Dev Fired Over Past Sexist, Racist Comments

Daniel Klein, a lead game designer on Apex Legends, was recently fired from his job at Respawn Entertainment after screenshots of old blog posts and public conversations surfaced showing the developer making both sexist and racist comments.Read more

What If Fall Guys, But Cars?

Vroom! is an upcoming game that takes the basic premise of Fall Guys—madcap game show-style multiplayer battle royale action—only now you’re playing as a toy car.Read more

Lightyear Frontier Is Another Farming Game, Only This Time With Mechs

Lightyear Frontier is “an open-world farming exploration” game that’s coming to the PC. You build a farm, you go exploring and you harvest resources, only instead of being an aww shucks innocent kid moving to a new town, you’re piloting a huge mech on an alien world.Read more

Destiny 2 Players Think [Redacted] Has Returned

Destiny 2’s final story mission for Season of the Splicer dropped today, and while it wraps up mostly as players expected, it does have a few cool little surprises, including teasing the possible return of one of the game’s most curmudgeonly characters.Read more

Back 4 Blood Beta Players Think They Hear Zombies Yelling The N-Word

Last night, while playing the Back 4 Blood beta on PS5, I was attacked by a large group of zombies. That’s not surprising; it happens all the time in the game. What was shocking was hearing a sound clip from one of the zombies that made it seem like it was yelling out a racial slur. Based on viral...

A Promising Weekend With Halo Infinite's Beta

Over the weekend, 343 Industries let a bunch of eager players check out Halo Infinite’s first public “flight.” On paper, the flight was a technical test, meant to see how the servers perform under pressure and how bots, a series first, would stack up against real-life human players. But, really,...

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