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These Famicom Detective Club Games Have Aged Surprisingly Well

There’s nothing about the art, animation, voice work, or music of Nintendo’s new Famicom Detective Club games that betray their origin as a pair of Japan-exclusive Family Computer Disk System adventures from the late 1980s. The dated gameplay, however, is a dead giveaway. Read more

What's the Best Special Edition Console of All Time?

You’ve probably owned a lot of video game consoles in your day. I mean, at this point, you can probably measure out your age in console generations. Something like “I’m seven generations old.” While I leave you to stew over that existential crisis, I have a bit of a nostalgic question for...

Hacker Rewrites Crappy SNES Racer To Improve Its Framerate Sevenfold

Brazilian software engineer Vitor Vilela has, for almost a decade, sung the praises of Nintendo’s SA-1 enhancement chip, but never before have the benefits of the souped-up Super Nintendo processor been more obvious than when applied to Race Drivin’, the lackluster 1992 SNES port of Atari’s...

Super Mario World Soundtrack Remaster Spoils Original's Lo-fi Brilliance

A group of Super Mario World fans are currently remastering the SNES platformer’s soundtrack (h/t Chris Kohler) with high-quality versions of the original samples. But if you’re hoping for some grand, orchestral versions of tracks you’ve loved for decades, these really aren’t that.Read more

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