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Fans Were Upset Over Nintendo Direct "Spoilers"

Hours before Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, announcements leaked. Kotaku, and other game sites, inevitably published the relevant news. That was expected, but the online pushback wasn’t. Some fans were upset. In the past, these leaks would be called breaking news. In 2021, they’re spoilers—at least...

Nintendo Announces Surprise 40-Minute Direct For Thursday

Pour one out for every gamer who had plans after work tomorrow. Nintendo will host a Nintendo Direct at 6:00 p.m. ET sharp, it announced today in a tweet. The showcase, which will cover Switch games “launching this winter,” is slated to last about 40 minutes.Read more

It’s Like A Nintendo Direct, But For 3D Platformers

I love a good 3D platformer, but they aren’t as common as they were back in the ‘90s and 2000s. However, indie developers are here to save the day for folks craving colorful and fun jumping simulators. Hubworld is an indie-focused digital event happening later this month that is entirely dedicated...

Everything Shown During Today's Nintendo Switch World Showcase

It’s time once again for Nintendo’s Indie World, a semi-regular showcase of some of the cool indie games coming to the Switch in the coming months. This latest presentation features a combination of exciting, brand-new games and old favorites making their Nintendo Switch debut. Here’s all...

RIP Netflix On Nintendo Consoles

On June 30, Nintendo quietly pulled the plug on the Wii U and 3DS Netflix apps. Not only does this mean anybody still using these older consoles to watch Netflix are now screwed, but it also officially means that in the year 2021 there is no way to watch Netflix on a Nintendo device. This would...

The Nintendo Download: The Strange Olympics

The constant flow of new Nintendo Switch games slows to a relative trickle in the wake of E3 2021, with only 23 new games coming to the Switch eShop this week. They include Rebellion’s 2018 co-op supernatural shooter Strange Brigade, and Sega’s fresh take on the Tokyo Olympics. Read more

Nintendo Japan: Don't Co-Stream Our E3 Presentation

Later today, Nintendo will broadcast its Direct for this year’s E3. Leading up to the event, the Kyoto-based game company has issued a request on its Japanese Twitter account: Do not co-stream our presentation.Read more

The Nintendo Download: Save Us, Super Hero Girls

This week sees a mighty torrent of 47 new games barreling towards the Nintendo eShop. Can the DC Super Hero Girls save us from this tidal wave of games, or are they part of the problem? Read more

Nintendo's E3 2021 Plans Include A Direct And Treehouse Live

Nintendo fans wondering about the company’s E3 plans can now cease their incessant pondering. There’s be a 40-minute Nintendo Direct on June 15 focused on Switch games, followed by three hours of deep dives via Treehouse Live. Read more

The Nintendo Download: Lo-Fi Skateboarding And Pretty Girls Poker

It’s Nintendo Download day, the day when we get a look at the *checks list* 30 new games coming to the Switch eShop over the coming week. This week’s activities include chilling on a skateboard and playing poker with those boom anime babes that make you think the wrong thing. Read more

The Nintendo Download: 31 New Games For The Switch This Week

Every week, Nintendo releases a list of new games coming to the Switch. It is, almost always, a very long list. This week’s list includes Spry Fox’s Cozy Grove, Switch Online exclusive Pac-Man 99, the Switch version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, and 28 more games, many of which...

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