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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is about slowly and joylessly working through our backlog, somehow dripping with sweat and covered with coal dust. Where did all this sweat-enhancing coal dust come from? Read more

Ode To The Bard Who Saved My FF14 Dungeon Run

My journey through Heavensward has slowed down considerably. I have other games to play and review. And generally, the steam that powered this expansion leading up to The Vault encounter has petered out significantly. That’s not to say Heavensward’s sluggish back-end pacing wasn’t punctuated with...

Gaze Upon My Browser Extensions and Despair

They’re not what any of us would call “intimate,” but you can really tell a lot about a person from a quick glance at the browser extensions they use. Is your boyfriend’s browser decorated with favicons from Evernote, Trello, and literally nothing else? He’s either a type-A perfectionist or zen...

Use These Apps to Make Windows 10 Feel Like a Chromebook

Nothing against Windows 10, but if you want to simplify it a bit by giving it the Chromebook treatment—tweaking various settings and UI elements to make them a bit easier to deal with, or simply integrating some of a Chromebook’s more useful features directly into Windows 10 itself—nobody is going...

Hawkeye Did You...Fart?

This week on Snapshots, we’ve got some desolate landscapes, a cool-looking hovercar, a curious bear, a lonely flower, an old guy wearing a hat, and a superhero in a green cloud of... gas? Read more

Millionaire Forgets To Pay Electric Bill

Today, the top streamer on Twitch was forced to quit mid-stream because, he says, he forgot to pay his power bill. He is a millionaire. You hate to see it.Read more

Nier Replicant Gets Off To A Really Slow Start

After playing and being thoroughly wrecked by Nier: Automata, I was curious if Nier: Replicant ver.1.22474487139… the “version up” (since according to the developers it’s not a remake or a remaster) of the original Nier would inspire similar emotional devastation. I have dim memories of the first...

This Is Embarrassing!

This week on Snapshots we got a bunch of cool superhero screenshots, some colorful photos, a creepy cave, a giant hole, and one unlucky cowboy who can’t stop his horse. Read more

Twitch Streamer Banned Twice In Two Days For Harassing Himself, Somehow

It might be an understatement to say that popular Minecraft YouTuber and streamer George “GeorgeNotFound’’ Davidson had a weird weekend. Within two days, he got banned from Twitch, possibly un-banned, definitely banned again, and unbanned (again?). Why? “Harassment via username,” according...

Dozens Of Rust Servers Wiped Out In Data Center Fire

A fire that broke out overnight in Strasbourg, France destroyed one of OVHcloud’s data centers and damaged a second, Reuters reports. The French government and Centre Pompidou, which houses a public information library and modern art museum, had their data affected by the fires, as did Facepunch...

Damn You, Fortnite Butter Barn Song

This season of Fortnite has been a whirlwind of crossover skins and deranged players hoping that Epic puts Family Guy’s Peter Griffin in the game. But the latest in-demand item is a possible music track—the song “Butter Barn Hoedown.” The supposedly leaked track somehow, impossibly, rules?Read more

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