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The Ascent Devs Dish On The Messy Launch For 2021’s Best Sci-Fi RPG

The Ascent is a modern game dev bingo card. First, it debuted at a splashy publisher event. Then, it was announced with a coveted November release date (and as a next-gen launch title, no less); then it was delayed. It was of course hyped as a day-one Game Pass title; and eventually, launched...

Halo Infinite Has 'Drop Weapon' Button, So Don't Kill Me To Get Sniper

Halo Infinite has been marketed by Microsoft and creators 343 Industries as a return to classic Halo. But that doesn’t mean everything is the same as before. For example, 343 has added a drop weapon button to the game, a series first that will help anyone who needs to give their buddy a power...

Sony Will Lose Another Big PS5 Exclusive In September 2022

Deathloop is one of the few, big PlayStation 5 exclusives releasing this year, but it was never going to remain only on Sony’s next-gen console. Now we know exactly when its exclusivity period ends: September 14, 2022. Read more

All The Major Games Only Coming Out On Next-Gen Consoles

Despite last year’s splashy release of next-gen consoles, it’s clear the gaming landscape is still in a transitional phase between console generations. Just look at blockbusters like Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Extraction, Battlefield 2042, and Tales of Arise, which are planned for release on PS4, Xbox...

GameStop Takes Advantage Of PS5 Scarcity With Scummy Promo

Eight months after release, it’s still extremely hard to get hold of a PS5. New stock sells out almost as quickly as it gets advertised, and the scarcity has led to some weird hijinks as companies try to capitalize on the hype. The latest one? Letting paid subscribers cut in line to order...

Sony Snipes At Microsoft's Spending Sprees

After a year of watching Microsoft throw around billions buying up game studios, Sony has returned fire with a small acquisition of its own. The purchase of Returnal developer Housemarque is only the second studio Sony has acquired over the last decade, however, marking a clear difference in...

RIP The Xbox Game Pass Joke

Fact: If you cover games, someone will call you a “shill” at some point. Over the weekend, a contingent of games-focused writers and influencers pushed back on that claim by plastering Twitter with tongue-in-cheek posts about the purported value of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription-based...

Ubisoft Takes Down Far Cry 5’s Incredible GoldenEye Tribute Maps

For the past few years, a YouTuber known as Krollywood has painstakingly recreated every level from GoldenEye 007 inside the level editor of Far Cry 5. This week, Ubisoft removed all of those levels from Far Cry 5 due to a copyright infringement claim.Read more

Halo Infinite Release Date Narrowed Down To 'A Few Weeks,' Phil Spencer Says

Although a firm Halo Infinite release date has yet to be set, internal talks at Microsoft surrounding when to launch the game have narrowed from the months-long holiday 2021 release window to a handful of weeks, Xbox head Phil Spencer explained during a recent appearance on the Dropped Frames...

Starfield Is An Xbox Exclusive, And Pete Hines Is Sorry

Starfield, the big space-faring RPG from Bethesda, isn’t coming to PlayStation. Microsoft confirmed as much in its E3 2021 press conference. This morning, Bethesda’s Pete Hines addressed—and even apologized—for the exclusivity in a live-streamed interview with GameSpot.Read more

E3 2021's Prettiest Game Might Be This ’80s-Inspired Platformer

It’s called E3 2021 not because 2021 is the year most calendars are set to but because video game publishers have released approximately 2,021 trailers over the past 72 hours. Given the sheer number of short clips, some show-stealers naturally fall through the cracks. One of the coolest in recent...

Everything That's Happening In The Apple vs Epic Case

The big court case between Apple and Epic is one of the most important legal showdowns in the history of video games. It’s also throwing up a ton of very funny and interesting looks at how these billion-dollar companies do business behind the scenes.Read more

Epic Tried To Convince Xbox To Make Multiplayer Free Alongside Apple Fight

An email between Epic CEO Tim Sweeney and Xbox head Phil Spencer, made public today as part of the ongoing Epic versus Apple trial, shows Sweeney trying to entice Spencer to take “free-to-play” multiplayer out from behind the Xbox Live paywall to coincide with Epic’s war against the App Store.Read...

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