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The Nier Replicant Remaster Does Many Good Things And One Awful Thing

I played the original Nier back in 2010 and thoroughly enjoyed it despite the main character being a hideous troll of an old man. Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139…, with the handsome younger hero originally exclusive to Japan, looks, plays, and feels better overall, save the unfortunate inclusion...

First PS5 Update Introduces Loads Of New Stuff

The first major update for the PlayStation 5 console is due to land on Wednesday, April 14, and among the additions and improvements to the console are the ability to keep games on USB storage, new social features, and changes to the PlayStation app. Read more

The Demon’s Souls OST Looks Unreasonably Attractive On Vinyl

If you enjoyed Demon’s Souls’ updated score on PlayStation 5 and want to be able to listen to it in high fidelity, you’re in luck: Sony and Milan Records are partnering to produce a two-disc vinyl set of 21 tracks from the remastered classic for release on June 18.Read more

Xbox Is Supporting Old Games, While Sony And Nintendo Are Leaving Them Behind

Yesterday, Microsoft made it possible to instantly stream a bunch of older Xbox 360 and original Xbox games to any device compatible with Game Pass. It’s another piece of evidence that Microsoft is taking backward compatibility very seriously this time around, and that Sony and Nintendo have fallen...

Remade Wipeout Intro Reminds Us The Franchise's Return Is Long Overdue

Of all the dormant racing game franchises — and there are many — Wipeout’s absence feels the most criminal. Developers at Sony’s long-defunct Studio Liverpool arguably never put a foot wrong throughout the anti-gravity racing series’ history, so long as you consider 2002's Wipeout Fusion...

A History Of Shareware, Demos And Covertapes

Back before YouTube and Twitch and always online DRM, developers needed more effective ways of marketing than just relying on word of mouth. This resulted in shareware, demos and demo discs, free slices of playable content that spawned one of the most interesting phases in the gaming. Read more

There's Still Hope For A Binary Domain Remaster

Robotic thriller Binary Domain sold terribly when it came out nearly a decade ago, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve seen the last of it. Yakuza series producer Daisuke Sato is once again keeping hope alive for the shooter’s cult following. Read more

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