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Returnal Feels Like An Actual PS5 Game

A busted spaceship. An uncharted exoplanet teeming with hostile life. An emphasis on scanning objects, upgrading equipment, and retracing your footsteps. Those might sound like core components of a new Metroid Prime, but they’re not, at least not in this case. They’re the ingredients of...

Genshin Impact's PS5 Version Drops April 28 With Version 1.5

If you’re looking at pretty anime people in anything less than 4K resolution, are you really looking at them? Genshin Impact’s native PlayStation 5 version launches with the April 15 release of version 1.5, giving you that sweet 4K support along with enhanced textures and faster loading times.Read...

First PS5 Update Introduces Loads Of New Stuff

The first major update for the PlayStation 5 console is due to land on Wednesday, April 14, and among the additions and improvements to the console are the ability to keep games on USB storage, new social features, and changes to the PlayStation app. Read more

The Best Controller Chargers for the Latest Video Game Consoles

There are … a lot of video game controllers this day. Gone are the days of each console having one official controller and a handful of third-party knockoffs. If you grab a Switch, you’ll have both Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller to choose from. Xbox owners can grab a standard Wireless Controller...

Global PS5, Xbox & GPU Shortage Partially Blamed On $1 Part

As we talked about last week, the global supply shortage affecting all kinds of products, from consoles to phones to cars, is down to a lack of semiconductors. More specifically, though, one of the biggest culprits is a shortage of display drivers, a tiny part that costs around $1.Read more

The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Its Next-Gen Glow Up June 8

The Elder Scrolls Online is a good-looking game, but playing it on console locked at 30 frames per second hurts my heart. Healing is coming, however, with the June 8 release of The Elder Scrolls Online - Console Enhanced, an upgraded version for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 that includes...

I Finally Fixed An Annoying PS5 Icon Glitch

Late last year, I replayed Assassin’s Creed III via the remastered PS4 edition. I played it on my PS5 and after completing it, I deleted the game. Yet its digital ghost haunted my PS5 for months. Finally, this weekend, I removed it thanks to a random Twitter user and Greg Miller.Read more

Someone Made A PS5 Out Of Brass

After watching this video, I still think the hardest part of making a brass PlayStation 5 is actually finding a PS5 to modify.Read more

Every Big Game Coming Out In Spring 2021

Spring is here! The birds are singing, flowers blooming, and uh, it rains more. What a season! Sadly, covid-19 hasn’t gone anywhere. So depending on where you live you might still be stuck inside. Well, at least you’ll have games like Monster Hunter Rise, Outriders, and Mass Effect Legendary...

Xbox Smart Delivery Turned Out To Be A Pretty Big Deal

When Microsoft started slipping the made-up phrase “Smart Delivery” into all of its Xbox Series X/S marketing last year, it seemed like just another pair of empty buzzwords. Surely all games would just simply work after you installed them on your expensive new hardware, whether they supported...

Don’t Delete PS4 Avengers Before Importing Your Saves To PS5

Following a delay last fall, Marvel’s Avengers is officially out today for next-gen consoles. But if you’re trying to boot up your PlayStation 4 save files on PlayStation 5, you might notice that your hard-grinded save data doesn’t automatically transfer over. Personally, I was aghast. My Iron-Man...

PS5 VR Controllers Ditch The Magic Wand Look

Sony shared a glimpse of the new controllers that will be apart of its next-gen VR add-on for the PS5 and they look nothing like the glowing wands used for the company’s existing PSVR.Read more

So, When Will You Be Able To Get A PS5?

Picture this: You pop into your neighborhood big box store, hoping to buy a PlayStation 5, and it’s just there. It’s on the shelf. You can pay for it, you can leave the store with it, and it’s yours. No need to sit at your desk refreshing browser tabs all day. Sounds pretty nice, right?Read more

Crash Bandicoot 4 Runs Great On PS5, Passably On Switch

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time arrives on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, and Switch tomorrow, giving us some of the most polished versions of last year’s excellent platformer alongside one that struggles a lot but gets the job done. Digital Foundry compared the PS5 and Switch versions side...

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