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Watch: DarkFi Team on DeFi Split, Financial Privacy, Metaverse, and More

Developers of anonymous decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol DarkFi, Amir Taaki and Rachel-Rose O'Leary, say that the development of zero-knowledge cryptography might be the key to survive a looming regulatory crypto winter which might split the DeFi industry into tightly-regulated and unusable...

Zcash Extends Rally After Proof-of-Stake Plan, Twitter Shills

The privacy-focused cryptocurrency zcash (ZEC) is being noticed by traders again after a rally of more than 50% over the past week. The rally followed news from last week that the coin will switch to a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. At 14:27 UTC on Wednesday, ZEC was up 22.7% over the past...

On User Tracking and Industry Standards on Privacy

Inspired by Eva PenzeyMoog’s new book, Jeremy highlights the widespread user tracking situation in this industry: There was a line that really stood out to me: The idea that it’s alright to do whatever unethical thing is currently the … The post On User Tracking...

Watch: Nym's CEO on Mainnet Launch, Privacy Trends, and More

Nym, a developer of a decentralized privacy infrastructure, has raised USD 13m in a Series A funding round, as the startup prepares to launch its mainnet in the coming months.... Read More: Watch: Nym's CEO on Mainnet Launch, Privacy Trends, and More

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