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Richard Branson Found to Be Crypto Scammers’ Favorite Brit Celebrity

Famed entrepreneur Richard Branson is often featured in fake articles sent out by various investment schemes, many of which are related to cryptocurrency, U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) revealed in a report. The agency, which has blocked over 285,000 such campaigns in only nine...

Loki's Latest Trailer Is a Timey Wimey Joyride Through the MCU

Loki, the Asgardian royal family’s resident enfant terrible, has broken many a law in his time traipsing across the universe in Marvel Studio’s films, and Disney+’s upcoming Loki series, it seems as if the mischief maker’s finally going to do the time for at least some of his crimes.Read more

Remade Wipeout Intro Reminds Us The Franchise's Return Is Long Overdue

Of all the dormant racing game franchises — and there are many — Wipeout’s absence feels the most criminal. Developers at Sony’s long-defunct Studio Liverpool arguably never put a foot wrong throughout the anti-gravity racing series’ history, so long as you consider 2002's Wipeout Fusion...

Steam Flat-Out Refuses To Sell Sleazy Pick-Up Game Super Seducer 3

The third game in dating guru and author Richard La Ruina’s Super Seducer series of full-motion-video dating sims will not be releasing on Steam, because the service does not “ship sexually explicit images of real people,” just tons and tons of anime porn. Read more

Compare Which Presidents Had the Tackiest Office Decor

The Oval Office is the closest thing the U.S. has to a throne room. It is the inner-sanctum of the presidency. Most of us know it through news broadcasts, photos published by the news media, and its many depictions in pop-culture, and we know there’s a desk, some flags, a couple couches, and...

New Subscription Service Is JUST For Crusader Kings II

While you may be increasingly used to paying a monthly fee to get access to a lot of games, Paradox is trialling a new subscription service where you just pay to play one. Which sounds slightly mad until you realise that one game is Crusader Kings II.Read more

Glitter, doom, and elephant sex: An oral history of Southland Tales

In 2005, director Richard Kelly was in a unique position inside the Hollywood ecosystem. Four years earlier, he had watched his debut feature, a bizarre blend of ’80s needle drops, teen angst, and high-concept science fiction called Donnie Darko, first bomb at the box office, and then miraculously...

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