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Pet Food Tycoon's Takeover Of GameStop Is Nearly Complete

Ryan Cohen, co-founder of online pet food company Chewy and favorite of the chaos engine that is the WallStreetBets reddit, will take over as GameStop chairman following the company’s annual shareholder meeting in June.Read more

Discord Deleted Thousands Of Violent Extremist And Criminal Servers In 2020

Thanks to the endlessly depressing extent to which covid has kept everybody trapped inside, Discord is more relevant than ever. But as the company revealed in its latest transparency report, that has led to new challenges—and improved efforts to confront other challenges it probably should have...

Mister DeepFuckingValue Goes To Washington

History was made today when Reddit user DeepFuckingValue, who goes by Roaring Kitty on YouTube, opened his Congressional testimony in a hearing about GameStop stock by specifying, for the literal record, that he is not actually a cat.Read more

Even The Justice Department Is Looking Into The GameStop Stock Fiasco

While the dust starts to settle around GameStop’s meme stock phenomenon, investigations into the hedge funds, trading platforms, and the Reddit community that fueled it are just getting started. Many people have already lost a lot of money, but even more could be on the line if lawmakers...

Meet The Evil Big Bird

This week we talk about all the GameStop madness, check out just how tall that tall lady from Resident Evil Village is, watch the new trailer for the upcoming Overwatch event, run around in some extremely tall shoes, and meet the evil and scary Big Bird from Brazil. Read more

WallStreetBets Mods Are Now Battling For Control Over The Subreddit

A couple weeks ago, most people hadn’t ever heard of WallStreetBets, the edgelord Reddit hangout for renegade investors and amatuer traders. Now it’s blown up to over 8.5 million users, and a war has broken out between the old mods and the new for control over the community and its future.Read more

GameStop Stock Is Starting To Go Bust

After soaring for more than a week, GameStop’s stock has plummeted back down to earth, sinking below $100 a share several times today, a drop-off of more than $200 from last week. Read more

I Threw $1,000 Into That Stonks Game Because Why Not

My partner and I spent $1000 on a game yesterday. We didn’t spend it on Pokémon cards, or Fortnite V-bucks, or decide to become whales in Genshin Impact. But, at my insistence, we combined some funds, downloaded the Robinhood trading app, and bought some stock.Read more

Robinhood Blocks Users From Buying GameStop Stock

The stock trading app Robinhood is currently blocking users from buying any more GameStop stock citing “recent volatility” as its price soared from just under $20 at the beginning of the month to over $300 at the end of yesterday.Read more

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