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Top Halo Pro Stops Playing In Protest Against Own Team

Tyler “Spartan” Ganza, one of the best professional Halo Infinite players in the world, has voluntarily benched himself for the rest of the game’s scheduled season, alleging that his team, eUnited, is holding him to contract under conditions that are “unconscionable and oppressive.”Read more

A Stunning Southern Dystopia Is One Of The Best-Written Games Of The Year

The unnerving tone of Geography Of Robot’s Southern Gothic point-n-click adventure Norco fascinates me. Its conflation of a recognisable 21st-century Louisiana, and dystopian science fiction, creates an oppressive darkness that weighs on my mind as I click through the game’s “mind-map” menu, where...

I Played The Game Elon Musk Is Obsessed With So You Don't Have To

Last December, Grimes released a new song from her upcoming album “Book 1.” The track, called “Player of Games,” was speculated to be inspired by her relationship with Elon Musk. One of the lyrics, “I’m in love with the greatest gamer,” got me thinking: what kind of video games does Musk play when...

Big Wings

Alex Senechal is art director at 1047 games, the developers of Slipgate.Read more

Halo Infinite’s Players Love Shooting You After You’re Dead

For years, the teabag has been the go-to competitive Halo taunt: you can condense an entire victory speech within a few seconds. You’ve likely experienced, if not doled out, a teabag at some point while playing Halo Infinite. Possibly you’ve even bought the teabag gun charm for some extra burn....

The Art Of Halo Infinite

It took a few weeks, but the artists who worked on Halo Infinite have finally been given the all-clear to post some of their work on the game, so tonight we’re getting the chance to check out a whole bunch of it.Read more

It Happened To Me: I Got Owned By Halo Infinite’s Most Annoying Boss Fight

“Ugh, not this bucket of bolts again,” I thought the second time Installation 07’s Adjutant Resolution Sentinel mech showed up to grind my Halo Infinite playthrough to a halt. Then he killed me. Again. And again. And again. I was not owned, except I was, and I hated him for it, not least of...

The Best Video Game Surprises Of 2021

Face it: The past year has been…not great. Over the course of 2021, the global temperature rose at a once again alarming rate, Marvel released not one but two panned films, and we’ve all gotta come to terms with the sobering realization that this covid-19 pandemic might never fully end. A fitting...

Keanu Reeves Is Super Excited You All Tried To Mod Cyberpunk 2077 To Bone Him

Last year, when Cyberpunk 2077 came out—between all the bugs and problems players encountered—a group of modders decided to try and tinker with the game to let you fuck one of its main stars, Keanu Reeves. The famous actor plays Cyberpunk’s digital rebel cyberghost Johnny Silverhand, and while...

Ex-Telltale Devs Are Making A Star Trek Game

The best Star Trek games are adventure games, and one of the best makers of adventure games was the original Telltale Games. Tonight at The Game Awards, Dramatic Labs, a studio made up of over 20 ex-Telltale folks, announced Star Trek: Resurgence, an interactive narrative adventure set just after...

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