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Sonic 2 Boss Toy Can Be Defeated By Hitting Weak Spot Three Times

For nearly three decades Sonic the Hedgehog fans have been flinging our spiky blue hero against the armored hull of Dr. Robotnik’s Death Egg Robot from Sonic 2. Why’d we have to wait until Sonic’s 30th anniversary for a proper Giant Eggman Robot Battle Set?Read more

More Mega Man Games That Look Like This Please!

For a little while now, Owlboy creator Simon S. Andersen has been working on a personal project where he takes some old and obscure Mega Man games and gives them a fresh, albeit unplayable, coat of paint.Read more

Ninja Gaiden Pacifist Speedrun Is Impressive AF

Ninja Gaiden protagonist Ryu Hayabusa deals with a lot of bullshit in the iconic NES platformer from 1989, so it only makes sense that he would obliterate everything in his path en route to finding his father’s killer. But speedrunners, the crazy people that they are, have devised a way to beat...

Every Indie Game Shown During Today’s Guerrilla Collective Showcase

It’s officially E3 season. Between the marquee E3 pressers (Microsoft, Square Enix, Ubisoft, et cetera) and individual events from publishers gone E3-rogue (what’s up, Sony?), you can catch a handful of events focusing on smaller games. The first of those, at least per the calendar, is...

Nintendo's E3 2021 Plans Include A Direct And Treehouse Live

Nintendo fans wondering about the company’s E3 plans can now cease their incessant pondering. There’s be a 40-minute Nintendo Direct on June 15 focused on Switch games, followed by three hours of deep dives via Treehouse Live. Read more

The Sonic Diamond Necklaces Are Cool, Actually

Soon, rappers, jewelry enthusiasts, or nerds with money to burn can buy their own Sonic-themed diamond necklace. Tucked into today’s Sonic news stream was a gem (heh) of an announcement—a collaboration between Sega and jewelry maker King Ice to create four gold chains featuring...

New Sonic Game Coming In 2022

Y’all! There’s a new Sonic game coming in 2022! Sega’s also releasing a remaster of Sonic Colors and a Sonic Origins collection.Read more

1994 Story On Video Game Crunch Is Brutal Reading

Widescale reporting of terrible working conditions at video game studios is a relatively recent thing, but crunch has always been with us, and as we can see in this rare story about the practice from the 1990s, when it’s bad it can be life-threatening.Read more

I Love This Fighting Game’s Ridiculous Continue Screen

The fighting game adaptation of Hokuto no Ken (known as Fist of the North Star in the west) has provided some of the most over-the-top competitive moments of all time. But when a Twitter acquaintance shared a screenshot of its continue screen a week ago, I still wasn’t psychologically prepared...

Going “Meta GSAP”: The Quest for “Perfect” Infinite Scrolling

I‘m not sure how this one came about. But, it‘s a story. This article is more about grokking a concept, one that’s going to help you think about your animations in a different way. It so happens that this particular … The post Going “Meta GSAP”: The Quest for “Perfect” Infinite Scrolling...

Prime 2D Is The Coolest Metroid In Over A Decade

A group of independent developers known as Team SCU recently released a demo for Prime 2D, an impressive side-scrolling remake of 2002’s Metroid Prime that has been in the works for over 15 years. After spending some time with it, I can say it was definitely worth the wait, even if Nintendo’s...

The Best Music Ever Made (For A McDonald’s Game)

Welcome to Morning Music, Kotaku’s ongoing hangout for folks who love video games and the cool-ass sounds they make. You deserve a break today, so we’re kicking off the weekend with something tasty from McDonald’s… McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure that is, a game that plays and sounds better than...

Killer Loops With South Asian Flair Helped Skyblazer Stand Apart

Welcome to Morning Music, Kotaku’s ongoing hangout for folks who love video games and the cool-ass sounds they make. We haven’t been covering many chiptunes lately, so today let’s start remedying that by checking out a somewhat unknown SNES gem with a sound all its own.Read more

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