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The Berserk Manga's Future Is Still Undecided

On May 6, Berserk creator Kentaro Miura died at the age of 54 from acute aortic dissection. At the time the editorial department of Young Animal Comics announced the news through the official Berserk Twitter account. Nearly three months later, the question of whether the manga—described by Miura...

Superman Flying Around, Eating Rice In New Japanese Comic

D.C. Comics and Japanese publisher Kodansha are teaming up for a new gourmet-themed comic called Superman vs. Meshi: Superman no Hitori Meshi or Superman vs. Food: Meal For One. In it, the Man of Steel flies around, eating at different restaurants in Japan at lunchtime.Read more

Super Cub Anime Is A Love Letter To Adolescent Freedom

Teenagers in many countries look forward to the day they get the freedom of their driver’s license, letting them explore their increasingly widening world. In rural and suburban Japan, where trains and busses may not be reliable or common, this freedom is given form in a moped, scooter,...

How Persona 5 Strikers Did (And Didn’t) Steal Our Hearts

At long last, the Phantom Thieves ride again as Persona 5 Strikers—the Atlus RPG turned Koei Tecmo hack and slash—is out in North America. I’m a big Persona 5 nerd and I’ve been anxiously waiting for fellow nerd Luke Plunkett to get far enough into the game that I could finally have someone with...

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