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These Pokémon Keycaps Have Won My Heart

I’m looking down at my spacebar in absolute shame. It’s just plain white. And yet, it could be the absolutely beautiful work of keycap maker, Hirosart, containing a diorama of Pokémon in their natural setting.Read more

The Pokémon Company Knows Fans Want More ‘Grown-Up’ Games

For years, Pokémon fans have requested one thing from the series: games that are more adult. (No, not in that way, c’mon!) Recent entries are too easy, longtime players say, or tend to feature plots aimed toward children. The feedback has taken root to the point where Pokémon’s bosses are...

The Pokémon x Sumo Collab We've Been Waiting For

Over the years, Pokémon has done an array of collabs, including New Era, Oreo, Levi’s, and Casio. Some have been more interesting than others. But finally, Pocket Monsters is teaming up with sumo wrestling. It’s about time!Think about it. This makes perfect sense. In sumo, you have two wrestlers...

Pokémon Unite Survey Suggests Huge Changes Could Be Coming

Now that Pokémon Unite has made its Android and iOS debut, developer TiMi Studio Group has pushed out an in-game survey for players to complete. The questionnaire suggests that some new features, like additional game modes and more ways to interact with your monsters, might come to the popular MOBA...

Pokémon Unite Sleep Nerf Could Devastate Snorlax, Wigglytuff Players

While fresh duds and some great quality-of-life changes are definitely exciting, today’s Pokémon Unite update also included a huge list of gameplay adjustments. As usual, some Pokémon were helped and some were hindered, but it’s hard to argue that anyone was more affected than Snorlax...

The Next Pokémon Patch Is Gonna Kill Our Sleepy Boy, Snorlax

Pokémon Unite’s next highly-anticipated update will add Blissey as a new healer, but that’s not all. The patch also includes a list of terribly disappointing fixes for any Snorlax mains out there, plus a nudge to maybe stop using that damn Eject Button on 95% of your builds.Read more

If I Get Another Pair of Socks In Pokémon Unite, I'm Turning Into The Joker

Pokémon Unite is a finely-tuned machine that is designed to keep the player hooked, usually through well-timed rewards. As you play, you gain points for things like your Battle Pass, your trainer level, energy for a virtual lottery, ranks, and even hidden bumps like fair play points. All of these...

Pokemon Red's One Million Dollar Bicycle Made Real

To celebrate reaching a million Twitter followers, The Pokémon Company has now recreated the sweet bicycle from the first generation games, Red and Blue, and their remakes. Someone will actually get this thing!In-game, the bicycle is priced at a cool one million Pokémon dollars. It wasn’t possible...

Pokémon Unite Glitch Makes Machamp Look Even More Naked

Machamp walks around buck naked. But we knew this. Years ago, Nintendo revealed that the Pokémon’s shorts were not skimpy briefs but rather, markings (ditto for Machoke). The character is actually naked. But a new Pokémon Unite glitch drives the point home even more.Read more

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