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Gearbox Threatens To Leave Texas Over Anti-Trans Bill

During a committee hearing held yesterday in the Texas House of Representatives, Gearbox exec David Najjab testified against Texas House Bill 4042, which would force transgender athletes in public schools to compete in sports according to the gender they were assigned at birth.Read more

Troll Makes Up Path Of Exile Ban Over Accessibility, Is Jerk

This week, a supposed player claimed to have been banned from action RPG Path of Exile for using a macro to make the game accessible. Other players and accessibility activists took up their cause. Now, it appears the whole thing was a troll. In my professional journalistic opinion: what...

Care Has Always Been Infrastructure

The emerging debate over whether care is infrastructure isn’t new or surprising. The question “what is infrastructure?” was triggered by President Biden’s announcement that the American Jobs Plan includes a $400 billion investment to expand Medicaid coverage of home and community-based services...

Hey, Magic: The Gathering, Your Story Is Doing Great Without The Racist Tropes

Ever since Jordan Peele gave us Get Out, there’s been a trend in pop culture entertainment that upsets the shit outta me—everything (and oh my Lord, do I mean everything) is centered on Black Pain. It feels like the only shows or movies that prominently feature Black people involved in fantastical...

Why Medicare for All Must Be Part of the Green New Deal

In 1991, Larry Barragan got word that the oil refinery in Long Beach, California where he was working would be closing. It was one of the scariest moments of his career. Barragan was nervous about losing his income, but even worse was the thought of losing his health insurance, especially because...

The Undeniable Legacy of Anti-Asian Violence

It takes at least 30 minutes to drive from Young’s Asian Massage Parlor in Acworth, Georgia, to the nondescript block in the northern Atlanta suburb of Buckhead where one can find another cluster of Asian massage parlors, including Gold Spa and Aromatherapy Spa. On Tuesday, according to local...

We Did It, Joe!

It’s happening, y’all—the Democrats in Congress, with no Republican support whatsoever, have passed the $1.9 trillion covid-19 relief package, and President Joe Biden is expected to sign it on Friday. I am literally crying right now, thinking of all of the people this ambitious legislation will...

The Crucial Legacy of the Black Aunt

When it comes to Black families, there is no role more imitated, meme’d, or recognizable than aunt. Whether the aunt you claim is kin or “play,” the role is somewhat universal—a supportive woman in your life, younger than grandma, that bridges familial bonds between children and parents.Read more

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