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Top Halo Pro Stops Playing In Protest Against Own Team

Tyler “Spartan” Ganza, one of the best professional Halo Infinite players in the world, has voluntarily benched himself for the rest of the game’s scheduled season, alleging that his team, eUnited, is holding him to contract under conditions that are “unconscionable and oppressive.”Read more

Big Wings

Alex Senechal is art director at 1047 games, the developers of Slipgate.Read more

The Art Of Halo Infinite

It took a few weeks, but the artists who worked on Halo Infinite have finally been given the all-clear to post some of their work on the game, so tonight we’re getting the chance to check out a whole bunch of it.Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Halo Infinite’s Neon-Retro Event

Halo Infinite’s “Cyber Showdown” event kicks off today, adding a new mode called Attrition, plus a raft of neon-soaked cosmetic options, many available by way of a free 10-level battle pass. It’s all pretty cool. It’s also not quite what (some) players expected.Read more

Dune: Spice Wars Is A New Real-Time PC Game

Dune has a long history of very good strategy games, dating all the way back to 1992 when we got not one but two all-time greats based on the license. It’s been a while between then and now—with a little Dune 2000 in the meantime—but we’re now heading back to Arrakis in Dune: Spice Wars.Read more

Ex-Telltale Devs Are Making A Star Trek Game

The best Star Trek games are adventure games, and one of the best makers of adventure games was the original Telltale Games. Tonight at The Game Awards, Dramatic Labs, a studio made up of over 20 ex-Telltale folks, announced Star Trek: Resurgence, an interactive narrative adventure set just after...

I'm Obsessed With These New Halo Infinite Armor Attachments

Every Tuesday, the Halo Infinite store refreshes with a new stock of items and armor to help your Spartan stand out in the battlefield. For the most part, it’s the sort of borderline bro-y stuff you’d expect: ammo belts, additional visor colors, decals, what have you. More recently, the game’s been...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets A First-Person Mod

Have you ever looked at Mass Effect? Like, really looked at it? Have you studied every crag in Wrex’s face? Stared Kaidan and Ashley right in the eyes while wondering why you couldn’t leave both of them behind on Virmire? Watched the fish in Shepard’s cabin swim for 80+ hours? Well now you can...

Mass Effect Remake Fixes A Character's Race

For over 13 years, there has been a character in the original Mass Effect who was, well, the wrong race. An oversight the series’ new remasters has finally been able to fix.Read more

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Makes The First Game Required Playing

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out today, remastering BioWare’s space trilogy with 4K HD graphics and other kinds of tweaks and twinges to bring the games into the current generation. Of the trilogy, the original Mass Effect stands out as the game benefiting the most from graphical updates...

In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare Bounces Bootylicious Butt Shots

With the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the team at BioWare is working on updating graphics and textures and showing a little more love to the first game’s Female Shepard model, to bring her image in line with the rest of the trilogy. The team is also tweaking some camera angles to make things...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Out May 14

This is big news for all Mass Effect fans but even bigger news for me, personally, as I won’t have to wait long to protect Garrus Vakarian from certain doom. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is out on May 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.Read more

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