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Merchant Crypto Payments: Clever Marketing or Signs of Real Adoption?

Andrey Diyakonov is the Chief Commercial Officer at, a MetaFi (CeFi/DeFi) ecosystem based on Crypterium CeFi solutions and Charism DeFi protocol.__________ Earlier this year, all the news about digital assets was about the ongoing crypto winter, the bankruptcy of lenders and other... Champions League Sponsorship Falls Through - Report

Major crypto platform reportedly pulled out from what could be one of the largest ever sponsorship deals for the Champions League after its talks with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) fell through last minute.... Read More: Champions League Sponsorship Falls...

Sports NFTs: What are They and Why are They So Popular?

Sports NFTs are a growing segment in the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market, enabling sports fans to collect digital trading cards, virtual memorabilia, and more. Read on to learn what sports NFTs are, where you can buy them, and whether they are worth the purchase. Sports NFTs are verifiably...

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