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Star Wars Collectibles Go Digital as Collections Embrace NFTs

More than 800 limited edition collectibles, some from shooting scenes, are set to go to auction on the Starcoll NFT marketplace, as a large collector leverages blockchain technology for one of the most storied movie franchises in history. Early Registration Timed for May The 4th (Be With You) In...

The Best Star Wars Video Game

You’ve no doubt seen countless lists of the best video games set in the Star Wars universe today, since so many websites like to do those things on May 4. I’d like to try something a little different, and tell you what the best Star Wars video game is. Read more

Celebrate Star Wars Day With Retro Rainbow Boba Fett

Boba Fett is one of the best-dressed bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe, but what if he wasn’t? Coming this summer to a Target store near you, Hasbro’s Retro Collection Boba Fett Prototype Edition looks sorta like he’s made out of six molded crayons. I love him. Read more

I Love This Fighting Game’s Ridiculous Continue Screen

The fighting game adaptation of Hokuto no Ken (known as Fist of the North Star in the west) has provided some of the most over-the-top competitive moments of all time. But when a Twitter acquaintance shared a screenshot of its continue screen a week ago, I still wasn’t psychologically prepared...

Tie Fighter: The Kotaku Review

As part of Backlog month, I wanted to reach deep into the collection and talk about one of the greatest video games of all time, one that nailed everything it set out to do so well that even 27 years later it remains as fun and relevant as it was when it first dropped.Read more

The Best Free-to-Play Games for the Xbox Series X/S

The latest Xbox Insider program update nixes the Xbox Live Gold requirement for free-to-play (F2P) Xbox games for users in the Xbox Insider Alpha & Alpha Skip Ahead rings. The change will roll out to other Xbox Insider levels in the coming weeks, and, hopefully, everyone else soon after.Read...

Star Trek Legends Is A Fun Time, Not An Annoying Grind

Star Trek Legends, recently released on Apple Arcade, plays a lot like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Disney’s Sorcerer’s Arena, DC Legends and countless other turn-based mobile RPGs. But without any energy meters or annoying microtransactions. As a result, it feels like a game and not a treadmill...

Space Jam 2's First Trailer Looks Like Ready Player One, But With Sports

People have basically been talking about a Space Jam sequel with Lebron James for as long as Lebron James has been in the NBA. Slowly but surely that finally came together and now, 25 years after the first film was released, there’s a trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy.Read more

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Delayed Again, Dammit

Well, this sucks: TT Games announced today that LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will not be released in Spring 2021 as planned. It has been delayed. Again. And this time we don’t have a new release date or window. Read more

Star Wars: Republic Commando Gets The Collector's Edition It Deserves

The best Star Wars game that doesn’t involve the player swinging a lightsaber is getting an April 6 release on PlayStation 4 and Switch, but those looking for a physical version of Republic Commando will need to wait until April 16, when the four-week pre-order window opens for Limited Run’s...

How Star Wars' Biggest Fan Wiki Found Itself in a Fight Over Trans Identity

If you’re a Star Wars fan online, there stands a high chance that you’ve not only heard of Wookieepedia—the Fandom-owned community resource archiving eons of material from the franchise—but spent more time than you’d like to admit looking up everything from Ickabel G’ont to the history of the Grysk...

The Star Trek Episodes That Define Captain Kirk

March 22nd—and in just over two centuries in the fictional world of Star Trek—is Captain Kirk’s birthday. The iconic captain of the Enterprise (who shares a birthday with his actor William Shatner) is beloved for many reasons—reasons that are often contradictory to Trek’s idealized world. But what...

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