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Anime Cels Are Starting To Get More Valuable Than Ever

Last month, Heritage Auctions sold $2.1 worth of anime art. The above My Neighbor Totoro cel, for example, drew 69 bids and ultimately went for $84,000. According to Heritage, that’s 17 times the pre-auction estimate. Read more

Gastly Lollipops Look Too Cute To Eat

I recently stumbled upon a wonderful YouTuber named Manna-Tanuki who creates incredible-looking sweets. Their latest video highlights some adorable Gastly lollipops that look more like Pokémon decorations than food.Read more

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Is Coming To Switch

A version of Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom that includes both expansions is coming to Switch on September 17, Bandai Namco announced today. The role-playing game was previously only playable on PlayStation 4 and PC.Read more

What "Anime" Means

The word anime is often defined as “animation from Japan.” If only it were that simple! When you hear the word “anime,” images of large eyes and colorful hair come to mind. Maybe something like this?Read more

Hideaki Anno Is Not Remaking A Famous Anime, Says Studio

Recently, an article on a Japanese news site claimed that Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno was doing “a new version” of an anime that “everyone knows” in Japan. The article added that the original iconic anime was directed by someone else, and the information claimed to be from a studio staffer....

How Studio Ghibli Helped With The Latest Evangelion Film

Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno has a history that goes way back with Studio Ghibli—before it was even founded. One of the first big jobs he got in the industry was working on Hayao Miyazaki’s 1984 classic Nausicaä. Read more

The Mysterious Girl On The My Neighbor Totoro Poster

On the original poster as well as on the DVD and Blu-ray cover, there is a mysterious girl standing next to Totoro. She isn’t Satsuki or Mei, and this girl does not appear in the movie. Yet, here she is.Read more

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