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Team Fortress 2’s Latest Update Makes It Easier To Kick All Those Bots

Yesterday, Valve released a new update for Team Fortress 2 that fixes and tweaks a lot of things, but many players are most excited about the changes to how voting and usernames work, hopeful they’ll make it easier to combat all the annoying bots that continue to plague the multiplayer, class-based...

Team Fortress 2 Fans Inconsolable After PC Gaming Show Snub

Some poor Team Fortress 2 players—beleaguered by bots, stomachs growling from the game’s lack of major updates—wrongly believed they would finally get a dose of good news after spotting the Engineer character in a promotional image for PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show on June 12. They did not.Read more

Team Fortress 2 Players Beg Valve To Acknowledge The Game’s Bot Problem

There is a very large group of people who want you to know that multiplayer FPS Team Fortress 2, the 2007 game from Half-Life creators Valve, has a bot problem. A “rampant bot problem” we’re told, in hundreds upon hundreds of identically worded emails sent to Kotaku and every other gaming site....

Team Fortress 2 Fans Are Rebuilding The Game With Latest Tech

An independent group of developers recently announced their intentions to port Team Fortress 2 to the upcoming Source 2 engine, and the early results of their work—an aptly named project known as Team Fortress: Source 2—already look amazing.Read more

Dead By Daylight Just Hit Over 105k Concurrent Players On Steam

Dead By Daylight is an online asymmetrical multiplayer game released back in 2016. Yet, the game is more popular than ever in 2021. And for the first time, Dead By Daylight just hit over 100k concurrent players on Steam, setting a new record for the online horror game.Read more

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