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Steve Kim is a software developer and graphic designer.Read more

If You Have Xbox Games With Gold, Try Darksiders III In August

Another month, another batch of Games With Gold. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active Xbox Live Gold membership, or subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Without further ado, August 2021’s Games With Gold are:Read more

You Don’t Need To Download All Of Microsoft Flight Sim On Xbox Series X/S

Nearly a year after its PC release, Microsoft Flight Simulator hits cruising altitude on Xbox Series X/S today, where it’s also available via Game Pass. It’s a staggeringly large game, clocking in at nearly 100GB—and that’s not counting any of the optional “world updates,” which can cause its file...

We're Making New Animal Crossing Content, Nintendo Says

The lengthy content drought in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is about to come to an end. In two days, fireworks will return to the game. Later this year, more content will come to the game, Nintendo said in a tweet, though didn’t offer details about what, exactly, that content will be.Read more

Olympics Commentator Tries His Best To Say 'Gundam'

The bike section of the Olympic triathlons take a nice scenic lap around the giant Gundam statue in Odaiba’s DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, which has led to commentators having to occasionally try and describe the thing.Read more

Homeworld Is Being Turned Into A Tabletop RPG

Homeworld, a series known mostly for its gorgeous big spaceships but also partly for its gorgeous big landships, is being turned into a character-driven tabletop RPG courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment.Read more

Someone Brought A Dream SMP Minecraft Flag To An Anti-Vax Rally

Today in London, a large a rally was held as part of a series of global gatherings against masks, vaccine passports, and lockdowns. And for some reason, a person at Saturday’s event was spotted waving around a flag connected to a popular Minecraft roleplay server. Read more

EVGA Is Replacing All RTX 3090 Cards Killed By Amazon's New World

Earlier this week, folks who were playing the closed beta for New World using a high-end EVGA RTX 3090 GPU began sharing stories that the expensive cards were getting bricked by the game. Now, it’s been confirmed that EVGA, the GPU maker behind the cards that failed, is going to replace all those...

GameCube Emulator Now Has A Built-In Game Boy Advance

One of the best, but sadly least-used features of the Nintendo GameCube was its ability to talk to a Game Boy Advance. A few games used it, some exclusively, but now a lot more people can hopefully enjoy the idea with the release of a new version of popular GameCube emulator Dolphin.Read more

You Can Get Vintage Game Magazines Delivered To Your Doorstep

Bright, colorful, choked with ads, and filled with articles dated before they even left the publisher’s warehouse, retro video game magazines are delightful little static moments in video game history preserved on paper. The Video Game History Foundation’s vintage magazine subscription service...

Amazon's New MMO Is Killing Some High-End PC Graphics Cards

Amazon Games’ oft-delayed MMO New World launched its closed beta yesterday ahead of its August 31 launch. Thousands of players clogged the servers of the historical fantasy game, causing long login queues across all game worlds. Some players got a lot more than they bargained for, however,...

Zoom Adds Multiplayer Games, But Not The Ones You Want

Chances are that before March 2020, you’d never heard of Zoom, the video conferencing software. By July 2021, it’s pretty much become the generic noun for such technology. And as of today, it’s offering games.Read more

PC Game Removes Denuvo DRM Before It Even Launches

Humankind, one of my most anticipated games of 2021, was going to have Denuvo acting as its digital rights management (DRM). But after its developers found that it was impacting performance, they took it straight out.Read more

Netflix's Video Game Service Is Saying All The Right Things

As part of the company’s latest earnings report, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Chief Product Officer Greg Peters jumped on an investor phone call to talk about loads of things related to the future of the company. While discussing one of those things, their impending detour into video games, things...

Early Wiimote Designs Uncovered In Leaked Nintendo Emails

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything about the so-called “Gigaleak,” a treasure trove of internal Nintendo data that proliferated online in 2020, but that changed today with the release of a new batch of leaked files. Anyone interested in Nintendo Wii Remote prototypes?Read more

Infamous 'Lost' Nintendo Mean Girls Game Now Fully Revealed

In the late 2000s, 505 Games and Crush Digital Media planned to release a Nintendo DS game based on Mean Girls, the coming-of-age comedy starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. However, there’s no proof that the game ever came out, leaving many expert DS observers to regard the game as “lost...

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