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I Met A Very Immature Serial Killer In The Elder Scrolls Online

A few nights ago I was minding my own business in Elder Scrolls Online when I stumbled upon a bunch of corpses laid out in a shape. Confused, I zoomed out and saw the bodies were part of that video game mainstay, a giant penis—a piece of art created by one player. Read more

Humble Bundle Rethinks Unpopular Charity Split

Two weeks ago, Humble Bundle announced a controversial plan to remove sliders that allow users to customize what percent of their game purchase goes to charity. Today, Humble announced that it’s rethinking that plan.Read more

Star Trek Legends Is A Fun Time, Not An Annoying Grind

Star Trek Legends, recently released on Apple Arcade, plays a lot like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Disney’s Sorcerer’s Arena, DC Legends and countless other turn-based mobile RPGs. But without any energy meters or annoying microtransactions. As a result, it feels like a game and not a treadmill...

Apex Legends Skins Delayed After Company Changes Its Name Mid-Promotion

This week was supposed to see the release of a new set of branded skins for Apex Legends, done in collaboration with streetwear label Chinatown Market, but that company’s decision to rebrand in between the skins’ announcement and release means Respawn currently has them on hold.Read more

What's New on Netflix in April 2021

Ever since Game of Thrones rewrote HBO’s fortunes and became a worldwide phenomenon, Netflix has been chasing its own subscriber-boosting blockbuster fantasy adaptation. They had some success in 2019 with the first, highly memeable season of The Witcher, but a streaming empire cannot stand on...

The Rise and Fall of Joss Whedon, and the Myth of the Hollywood Feminist Hero

“I hate ‘feminist.’ Is this a good time to bring that up?” Joss Whedon asked. He paused knowingly, waiting for the laughs he knew would come at the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer making such a statement. It was 2013, and Whedon was onstage at a fundraiser for Equality Now, an organization...

When Urkel met Tanner: The 16 most ambitious crossover episodes in TV history

Around the release of 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, social media was inundated with challengers to the Marvel film’s throne as the “most ambitious crossover event in history.” These suggestions were, as tweets and Instagram memes tend to be, largely facetious, but credit where it’s due: It does...

What's New on Disney+ in February 2021

Back in the days of TV on DVD, no series was treated better than The Muppet Show—until it wasn’t. Disney produced lavish full-season sets for the series, including nifty bonus features, and even packaged them in flocked “fuzzy” boxes meant to replicate the supple feel of a Muppet’s... coat? Skin?...

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