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Crossword Fans Are Mad At The New York Times

Many fans of The New York Times’ iconic crosswords will soon have to find a new way to play, as the paper announced it will stop supporting the popular Across Lite file format third-parties use to import the daily puzzles into their apps. Crossword fans are a passionate group, and many of them...

Power Rangers Restaurant Opens In Japan

Your dreams eating curry in a restaurant filled with Power Rangers merch and memorabilia are now a reality. Behold, the Super Sentai Restaurant. Read more

Free Idea: Add Nick’s Human Stars To Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

By now, the announcement of the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl fighting game has up-smashed its way through the internet. Folks are positively giddy about the prospect of beating their friends to death with the cinnamon sugary fists of Powdered Toast Man or with Helga’s toxic, obsessive love...

Jeopardy! Serves Up A Steaming Pile Of 'Gamer's Delight'

Last night, popular human and YouTuber, J.D. Witherspoon appeared on Jeopardy!, to ask the contestants questions about something called “video games”. Have you heard of them? They’re available to play on a device called a “PlayStation 5.”Read more

NYPD Game Truck Wants Kids To Forget Cops Are Bastards

Over the July 4 weekend, WNYC reporter Gwynne Hogan shared a photo of the New York City Police Department’s latest attempt at community outreach. The largest local law enforcement agency in the United States plans to launch a game truck full of consoles to seemingly entice children into spending...

Star Wars: The Bad Batch's Newest Episode Has An Epic Gamer Moment

Tensions are running high in the latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, as our favorite group of misfit clones have to balance making money with keeping a low profile. With a number of close calls that nearly had Omega returning to the hands of the Empire, it’s clear that Hunter and co....

Bloodborne x Sesame Street

Welcome back to Fine Art, where tonight we’re showcasing the work of Yong Yi Lee, an artist who has done work for companies like Treyarch and Ubisoft.Read more

Superman, Rick And Morty Headline Fortnite's New Battle Pass

A new Fortnite season is here, bringing map changes, UFOs you can fly (or, if you’re me, accidentally plunge to your death from), and a reworked battle pass full of original characters and crossovers. There are a couple high profile ones, including Rick from TV show Rick and Morty and an upcoming...

The Nintendo Download: Save Us, Super Hero Girls

This week sees a mighty torrent of 47 new games barreling towards the Nintendo eShop. Can the DC Super Hero Girls save us from this tidal wave of games, or are they part of the problem? Read more

The Factory In Resident Evil Village Is So Damn Boring

I’m tired of Heisenberg’s Factory in Resident Evil Village. So much so that I, once again, might quit playing. The difference here from Village’s infamous Dollhouse—that also caused me to almost quit the game prematurely—isn’t because the factory is particularly scary or difficult. It’s just...

Bandai Namco Is Releasing A Peppa Pig Video Game

It’s coming maybe 5-10 years too late for peak Peppamania, and more than a few voice actors seem to have changed since my kids were into this show, but in 2021 we’re finally getting a proper Peppa Pig video game.Read more

Resident Evil Village's Dollhouse Almost Made Me Quit

I almost quit Resident Evil Village yesterday. It wasn’t because the game’s limited field of vision finally made me blow chunks across my living room, but because fear—true, gripping terror the likes of which I had never felt before—seized me while in Donna Beneviento’s Dollhouse. I knew going into...

I Met A Very Immature Serial Killer In The Elder Scrolls Online

A few nights ago I was minding my own business in Elder Scrolls Online when I stumbled upon a bunch of corpses laid out in a shape. Confused, I zoomed out and saw the bodies were part of that video game mainstay, a giant penis—a piece of art created by one player. Read more

Humble Bundle Rethinks Unpopular Charity Split

Two weeks ago, Humble Bundle announced a controversial plan to remove sliders that allow users to customize what percent of their game purchase goes to charity. Today, Humble announced that it’s rethinking that plan.Read more

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