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Fortnite's Cube Returns For Season 7's Explosive Finale

Fortnite players have spent the entirety of the game’s seventh season dealing with a growing alien threat. Now it’s time for the aliens to deal with the threat of us as we storm the alien mothership and liberate dangerous-looking glowing cubes in the explosive season finale event.Read more

Alan Wake Is Getting Remastered, And It Is About Damn Time

Today, it was announced that Epic Games will be publishing a remaster of the 2010 Xbox cult classic Alan Wake later this fall on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The company had previously announced a deal with Remedy Games, the development studio behind the bureaucracy-set, blockbuster third-person...

PUBG's Creator Leaves Company To Form New Studio

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, the man whose modding and design efforts helped create the Battle Royale genre as we know it, has left PUBG’s parent company Krafton to form his own development studio.Read more

Here’s An Extremely Early Look At The Dead Space Remake

Well, the announcement of a new Dead Space wasn’t just a shared visceral hallucination among those of us who’ve long wished for such a revival. Electronic Arts showed off some extremely early footage of the upcoming action-horror game during a live stream on EA Motive’s Twitch channel today.Read...

Naughty Dog’s Bosses Still Don’t Get It

Development studio Naughty Dog has a reputation for producing top-flight games. It also has a reputation for working its employees to the bone. Naughty Dog co-presidents Evan Wells and Neil Druckmann recently sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Game Informer in which both addressed concerns...

Epic Disables Disrespectful Fortnite Emotes In The Martin Luther King Event

Yesterday, Epic added an interactive Martin Luther King, Jr. museum to its popular free-to-play shooter, Fortnite. While the civil rights educational event came with some specific emotes for players to use, it also allowed folks to activate any emote from the wider stable of options. Having this...

Time For An Upgrade

Brad Myers is an artist with Call of Duty studio Sledgehammer Games.Read more

I Woke From A Coma Into A Fortnite-Obsessed World

First things first: In March of 2018 I was rushed to the hospital for a life-saving surgery. There were complications. I woke up in mid-April from a medically induced coma. One of the first things I remember anyone saying is, “Does he play Fortnite?”Read more

Red Dead Online Is Currently Filled With Weird, Out-Of-Control Horses

Red Dead Online’s last update, Blood Money, added some new missions and small features to the game. It also seems to have broken something. Now, whenever players log on, they are encountering dead random horses or living ones that just round around forever, causing mayhem. Read more

PUBG Skin Looks An Awful Lot Like Hypnospace Outlaw, Dev Objects

In the great river of “borrowed” ideas, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds floats midstream. Itself broadly based on the wonderful Japanese film Battle Royale, it then saw its central conceit lifted somewhat wholesale by Epic with the original version of Fortnite. Now, a million iterations later,...

Warframe Will Get Cross-Play And Cross-Save Support Later This Year

Today, Digital Extremes announced during TennoCon 2021 that its popular online shooter Warframe will get full cross-play and cross-save support later this year, letting space ninjas take their characters across PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One seamlessly. Read more

Last Of Us TV Show Casts Tommy’s Actor As Not-Tommy

HBO’s The Last of Us show is continuing to fill out its cast, and its latest pick-up is Jeffrey Pierce, an actor who appeared in the original PlayStation 3 game as Joel’s brother Tommy. But according to a new report at Deadline, he won’t be playing that character in the upcoming show.Read more

Short The Last Of Us Fan Film Is Legitimately Excellent

Joel and Ellie might be the main characters of The Last of Us, but they’re by no means the only interesting ones. If you’ve played either of Naughty Dog’s acclaimed mushroom-apocalypse games, you know that some of the richest stories are told in the margins. A new fan film explores what it could...

10 Gimmick Shooters From The Early 2000s You Might Not Remember

In the late ‘00s, before every game became a MOBA and then pivoted to become a battle royale, it seemed like every other game was a shooter with some sort of gimmick to make it stand out from the Calls of Duty and Battlefields. From gravity manipulation to doing drugs, here’s a bunch of the oddball...

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